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Crop Circles

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England`s rolling land - a picturesque backdrop to thousand's of years of history. As recntly as the 1970`s, a unique phenomenon has appeared here, captivating people from around the world. It put new romantics into a complete flap. Who or what produced these crop circles in the corn? The question on everyone`s mind is are these messages created by mere mortals, or is there an other-worldly explanation for their mysterious appearance? I walked into the first crop circle 1990. and I felt [um] I love puzzles. And what I did was, I said, right, I`m going to try and find out what this puzzle is all about. I think probably 95% of them are man-made. But there`s one particularly here, just over on the hill - Milk Hill - it`s so enormous that you can`t even see the other side of the crop formation. The grain just bows away from you. You can see one circle in front of you - maybe two, if you`re lucky. And this formation is enormous. It`s almost three quarters of a mile wide. It`s takes a hell of a lot to do something like that - out of sight of anybody who would be helping you to make this. Matthew, a crop circle maker, has brought us to a field that has been a site for numerous crop circle appearances, none of which he would lay claim to. Well, if there are aliens out there doing it, they are using stomper boards and these little markers, because there are things there like combing effects - which is people going around and around and around the same area, flattening it down. That wouldn`t be there with aliens, I`m sure. If thery were doing it, they would be using some instantaneous technique that would be undeniable even to the likes of me. But I`m waiting to see something that is completely mind-boggling. You`ve got people who are artist-designers and graphic designers. I mean the teams challenge each other to see who can get the best designs. And mount that challenge to impress the public, to boggle the mind, to push the bounds of what can be done in an evening. That`s the challenge. And that should be proof of intelligent life here on earth.

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Posted by: greenbo on Mar 30, 2010

How were these mysterious designs made?

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