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Yibril, consumidores inteligentes

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Every day that María arrive at home with her purchase pulls the products see how little has and how much all it cost Although known to have many more costs to the end of the month, the basket is where more money gets out. What solution could give? María intends to find the best prices to fill her shopping cart looking at deals in the prospectuses of the mailbox, advertisements, Internet, family and friends,... But all of this is very dificult and too much work for herself alone. To help María is Yibril. She used to buy almost always in the same places, and knew what had offers. Her friend Eva used to buy other stores. Since using Yibril, María can now take advantage of offers and Eva Marcos. Marcos take advantage of offers that Eva and María have, Eva take advantage of offers that Marcos y Luis have,... It's that simple, the shoppings that each person do help others to find the better offers With Yibril, now María knows where is the better price of the milk, the fish, the detergent, the meat,... Yibril also helps María with her shopping list. All the information that she needs, she brings it in her mobile phone. By this way, she can compare prices of similar products, to take advantage the better of they. In this way she buy only that she needs to better price. With Yibril, you can participate at a comunity of inteligent consumers, find the better offers that are more near of you, carry your shopping lists in your mobile phone. All of this of a very easy way. And all of this allow us improve our finances, saving money. Ah! all of this entirely free. Now, María arrive at home with her purchases, pulls the products and she sees everything she has bought and how little it has cost., inteligent consumers.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 11 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: navillasoftware on Jul 7, 2009

Vídeo conceptual de la herramienta online que permite ahorrar en la cesta de la compra.

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