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Courageous (2011)

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[3 knocks] Sheriff's office. We have a warrant for your arrest. Back door! Back door! Deputy Thompson has now survived his rookie year. [applause] Guess that means you can start using real bullets now. [laughter] Wait till you get married, have some kids. You gonna figure out real quick how much you don't know. You missed Emily's piano recital. Can I talk to you? Can I suggest that you spend a little more time with him? (Adam) All he wants to do is play video games and go run five miles. (woman) What are you doing home? They let me go. (David) Do you really feel like it messed up your childhood not having a dad? (Nathan) More than you know. Adam - I need you to come with me right now! (Nathan) Man, if it wasn't for my family, I'd be in a tailspin right now. You do heal - but you're never the same. (Adam) I want to know what God expects of me. [Third Day - "Revelation"] ♪ My life, has lead me down the road ♪ (Adam) I've been doing about half of what I should have been doing as a dad. You're being too hard on yourself. Revolution? Yeah. You've been a good enough father. I don't want to be a "good enough" father. Can I sign this too? ♪ Tryin' to find my way ♪ I don't feel like I started well. I want to finish well. ♪Give me a revelation ♪ You gonna do this? Then do it right. Something like this needs ceremony. I feel like a rich man. As your father, I want the very best for you. I promise to take care of you. [sirens] ♪ I know that it's the only way that I can, give me a revelation ♪ So where are you, men of courage? I believe every father should step up and answer the call and to say, "I will". "I will". [Captions by]

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