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Algérie. Qui a tué les sept moines français ?

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Good Evening. Welcome to Special Investigation. I am introducing today a Kennedyan survey on a case which is causing a huge uproar, the murder of seven French monks in Algeria in 1996. They were seven monks of Tibhirine, you will recall the circumstances of their death were never clarified. What will be revealed tonight is that behind such a tragedy, was perhaps a cover-up for an affair of state. Some Algerians accuse the army of actually being behind the kidnapping. Armand Veilleux, was to interview the ambassador of France on his accusations. "I asked him, it is possible that that the Algerian army will do anything to you, and is strongly religious, and he begins to imagine other things." The monks were taken away, with the new moon on March 26th or 27th 1996. Several months later, they found pieces there or more exactly their severed heads near the road's edge. It is a barbaric tact, disapproval on an anonymous site. At the time, the Algerian authoritarian accused the Islamists. But the last thing heard, the French general has covered the seven Catholic monks. It did not work out as the Islamists believed, but the Algerian army, they were not horrified, the golden boys. This new scenario is in fact a huge topic of conversation in bars in Paris and Algeria. The case of monks from Tibhirine is sensitive, we have had the greatest difficulty finding a few of people from that time. Algeria. Who killed the seven French monks? It's a tidbit of a cold case for the special investigation. Notre Dame cathedral in Algeria in June 1996. With Military surveillance on high alert, there arrives the coffins of the seven French monks murdered two weeks earlier. The Algerian government came for the occasion. My lord Lustiger, with France, represents the Catholic Church. The grief is visible on their faces. The dead Tibhirine monks were a shock in France as in Algeria. Officially, they were declared executed by Islamic terrorists. But another hypothesis is circulating today: The monks have been victims of the Algerian secret service. Back on the case is a scandal of the state. The seven monks that were assassinated in 1996 were Trappist monks. Retired in the monastery, they dedicated their lives to work and prayers. Their leader, known as Christian de Chergé , 59 years old, was the prior of the monastery. In Paris, a family member accepted for the first time to talk. Bruno de Chergé is the nephew of Brother Christian, the head of the monastery. He saw his uncle each year during his stay in France. For Brother Christian, Algeria was the passion of a lifetime. "His father was a soldier in Algeria, so he had four children born or very young in Algeria and made Algeria his home and even found time for children. And then he turned for a moment to military service, a moment of custody of Algeria. And with that title he met so many people, and notably Muslims." For Brother Christian, Muslims and Christians could live together. Islam fascinated him. "And we see no violent will transpire, it is very clear, very manifested to understand each other and the other at this level. It was the Algerians. And behind the Muslim religion, so it was really that he strives his whole life also to understand it. There is religion. Behind it is built, this commitment to Algeria Algeria and especially the Church of Algeria behind that and this priest who was the only the priest for Islam terrorists in Algeria." Christian arrives at the Tibhirine monastery in 1971. French colonists erected it in the late nineteenth century. At independence in Algeria, the Trappist monks of Tibhirine decided to stay in the country and apply their religious principles, humility, poverty, and work. Signs of their love for this land. He decided to take dual nationality, French and Algerian. It is in Belgium, in another monastery, where he resides, which is probably the one that knew him best. Armand Veilleux was the superior of the Tibhirine Trappists. Five months before their deaths, he was returning in Algeria to meet him. He discusses the relationship that bound the monks to the Algerians. "And some land that is kept that the monastery had before independence, was to be given with the property to the major party in the state. And some land that was kept, they are set to cultivate a comparison with your local community." The seven murdered monks and such is not the last church that is perpetuating this amicable relationship. Alongside Christian, there was Michel, 52 years old, cook, and gardener of the monastery. Christophe, 45 years old, the youngest of the monks, arrived in 1987. Célestin, 62 years old, who looked to run instead of make passage. Bruno, 66 years old, who lived in Morocco and who visited once to the monastery. Paul, 57 years old, was charged with matters from maintenance of the place to land to farm life. Brother Luke, a doctor by training, lived here since the 50's. He treated all free persons accounted at Tibhirine. He is probably the one during the opening of the monastery that was most favored by the warm local populations. "Brother Luke for 50 years was ready and willing to help help in the medical sense and knowledge. At that time, where he had started this service, there were no doctors in the region. Over the years, he established dispensaries, clinics, doctors, and therefore his role was strictly necessary, but people kept coming to him because he offered not only a medical but a human service ." At Tibhirine, the doctor left an imperishable mark. Eight years ago, a team of journalists had been the first to film in the monastery. They collected evidence of a care assistant, trained by Brother Luke. The relationship went even further, teaching in recent years. They had opened a place of Islamic worship in their monastery to hundreds. "The relationship was so good as in my case there are spaces from one monastery to the village for use as a mosque. To be truly integrated into going to the local community appreciated, loved, and relations were very, very good in both directions." Of this relationship, there are only few rare images. Filmed by a nun on pilgrimage in 1993, they are the latest proof of this agreement. Three years before his death is one of those friends, Brother Christian, the head of the monastery, had never ceased to preach peace and love between Christian and Muslim. "We may amuse or anger, we have old and trusting relationships with neighbors. Never avoid them at all times, remain open. For the open way is to turn a Christian leader today in this country." Of the monks who lived in Tibhirine, Brother Jean-Pierre here in prayer, is the only survivor. Since the tragedy, he lives in another monastery in Morocco. We had met a few years ago. We explained what was their master way of their commitment to their monastery is a place open to the Algerians. "We had this desire from the beginning of a Christian monastery that would be for Muslims, and Christians to Muslim monasteries. It was something that I was talking about to my stepfather as a challenge, though it seems more successful." Thirty years of living in harmony, but born in the early 90's 90's the monks will gather in the heart of Seville where war will erupt.

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Spéciale investigation avec Stephane Haumant.

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