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One dark halloween night, In the mist of the grave yard just outside of Shaloote. This was a big night for all the ghosts in the graveyard, but not Casper.. He was too busy reading his book on Animal Friends. "Gee," thought Casper, "if only I could I have a friend like that!" All the other ghosts in the graveyard were just waking up to go out and scare. "Wake up all you fellow scarers!" yelled Freddy the ghost. All the ghosts started to wake up and get ready to go out. Then they all lined up for the final take off. And, off they went into the city. Freddy the ghost kept trying to get Casper to come and join them. "Come Casper, let's go, We have to go scare people," cried out Freddy. "You're really missing out!" "I don't want to scare people!" said Casper So Casper left the graveyard Casper went on a journey into town to look for a new friend. "Hey maybe he will want to be my friend!" said Casper excitedly. "Can we be friends?" asked Casper. But the cow was too frightened and ran away. Then the mother of the baby cow came running out to see who scared her little calf. Casper asked if she would be his friend. In a bolt the mother cow ran as far away as she could to get away from the scary creature. Casper became very sad because nobody wanted to be his friend. Then along came Sammy the skunk. "Maybe he will want to be my friend!" thought Casper. He figured if he did what he did then maybe Sammy would want to be his friend. Then Sammy saw Casper and got really scared. Sammy the skunk ran away as fast as his little legs would let him. Casper got covered in dirt when Sammy ran away and had to take a bath. He dried off. Casper was so sad that nobody wanted to be his friend. Ferdie the fox overheard Casper crying. He felt really bad for Casper. So, Ferdie decided he was going to go see him to see if he could make him feel better. Casper was surprised that Ferdie felt bad for him and wanted to play with him. "You want to be friends with me?" asked Casper. They were both so happy that they found each other! "Wait! Where are you going?" cried out Casper. "Oh! You want to play fetch!" exclaimed Casper. So Casper and Ferdie played fetch. Ferdie and Casper played and became best friends. "You are my best friend," said Casper happily. Then they decided that they were going to go and play hide-and-seek. Ferdie ran and hid in the bushes. Then under the mist of the night, a hunter on his horse with his two dogs arrived. The two dogs found Ferdie and started chasing him. Ferdie ran as fast as he could to try to avoid the blood thirsty dogs. In the mean time, Casper was counting and had no idea what was going on. "Ready or not here I come!" called out Casper. Casper turned around and realized what was happening. "OH NO!!" cried out Casper. Ferdie was running trying to get away from the hunter. Ferdie slipped on the rocks trying to cross the river. He finally got out, but was really out of breath and too tired. But the dogs caught his trail and ran after him. "Get back here you evil hunter!!" yelled Casper. Ferdie leaped over the fence and the dogs followed. Casper stopped in the middle of the road hoping to stop the hunter and his dogs. First the dogs stopped in fright. Then the hunter saw the ghost and they all ran away as fast as they could because Casper had scared them away. Casper sighed after they ran away. Then Casper happily skipped toward where Ferdie was. Then he stopped, in surprise he saw Ferdie lying there. Casper scooped him up in his arms. "Oh no!" cried Casper. "My best friend is gone!" Casper then buried Ferdie. Then out of nowhere Ferdie came up as a ghost. "Oh Ferdie you're back!" shouted Casper excitedly. Ferdie and Casper became best friends :)

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Duration: 8 minutes and 44 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Taylor Austin
Director: Cierra Edmondson
Views: 80
Posted by: edmondsonc on Nov 4, 2009

Casper goes looking for a friend but scares everyone away until he met the fox.

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