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The Wolfram Language is a truly universal language that allows me to program or work exactly like I think and according to my background in mathematics. Hello, my name is Yves Papegay, I am a researcher at INRIA I am working in a team in a robotics research lab. I've been using the Wolfram Language and Mathematica for about 25 years. I use the Wolfram Language daily for almost everything. The most important aspect of course, is for my professional work at the robotic lab. The Wolfram Language allows me to formulate problems and the solutions that I consider for those problems in a very natural way in making it possible to both program and express my solutions in a very functional manner. Whether it is to use rules, or a more procedural approach this language allows me to work with three paradigms systematically. Another functionality that is very important is the possibility to have the entire, exact, and rational arithmetic and to reach an infinite precision, I mean, limited only by the size of the machine. We need this kind of precision in order to push the computations further, and to be sure not to select the wrong solutions, that's extremely important. One [example] that we put together recently has to do with a small parallel robot that we put in place for pedagogical purposes for which we had to both control and operate the robot. We used the Wolfram Language on a Raspberry pie to run the robot and interact with other machines that have the interfaces. In my work, the Wolfram Language plays a fundamental role. In fact, it is in its environment that I write my papers it is also in that environment that I do my computations, model problems and prototype solutions There are many other tools that are actually capable of attacking an array of objects and various problems, but in general it does not happen uniformly at all with the Wolfram Language there is really a uniform design that makes it very easy to use It always (only) took me minutes to convince my colleagues of the power and the ease of use of this language. The Wolfram Language is an exceptional prototyping tool that is easy to learn because it is a language in which one can formulate problems and find solutions naturally

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