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Stuttering is no joke

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Hi, I have stammer and I'm going to try to tell you how it is. There are some people who are really nice to me... and say "Well, it's OK, it isn't a problem for me, and I'll hang on to see what you say." There are other people who aren't quite so nice and say... "Well, I'm sure that, if you really got a grip on yourself, dear, you know, it would all be alright." And there are other people by whom I've been employed in the past who say... "We have tried to accommodate the inadequacies of your speech, but we can't any more, and as a result you're fired." Although it's now clear that the root cause of stammering... is a kind of faulty wiring in the brain, the exact cause is still not known. Yet the understanding of, and the support for most other kinds of... disability has improved greatly in the past few years. But, in many ways, to have a difficulty in talking is just as life-changing... as having a difficulty in walking - and possibly even more so - because we are increasingly defined by how we talk and how we communicate. It is hard for us to change things because, obviously, most stammerers aren't good at talking, and so we aren't keen to stand up and explain how it is. And the media are not keen on providing us with time... because, well, stammering just does not make good TV or radio. And then there are some really unhelpful entertainment programmes... on TV and film in which characters have been provided with a stammer... in order to give the audience a cheap laugh... or to indicate that they have some flaw in their personality - that they're extremely indecisive, or perhaps the murderer or whatever it is.

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Posted by: silva on Aug 10, 2007

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