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Tony Stark proves he is the best actor ever

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《钢铁侠》 小罗伯特唐尼试镜 2006年 Everyone’s up? and, ACTION! 大家准备好了吗?开始! Oh, Mr. Stark 哦,Stark先生 You have been described by some as Da Vinci for a time, what would you have to say about that? 你被一些人描述为当代“达芬奇”,你有什么想说的吗? (达芬奇存世很多发明蓝图) er, Da Vinci? ridiculous, I don’t paint 额,达芬奇?胡扯,我根本不画画 What would you have to say about the fact that “Stark weapon is responsible for millions of death since WWII”? 那你对于“史塔克武器工业要对二战以来的百万亡灵负责”有什么要回应的吗? Oh...Boy, Let me guess 额...天啊,让我想想 Berkeley? 伯克利大学毕业的? Miss... 小... Miss Summer, and it’s Brown 叫我Summer小姐就好,纠正一下,是布朗大学 Ok... 这样... Well Listen, Ms. Brown 请听好,布朗小姐 It’s an imperfect world 这个世界并不完美 (目光下移到乳房) But it’s the only one we have got 但是也是我们唯一的世界 I assure you the day weapons are no longer needed to keep the peace 我向你保证,如果有一天没有武器也可以维持和平 I will happily transit to manufacturing bricks and beams for baby hospitals and making hemp pants 我会欣然改为生产儿童医院的一砖一瓦,或者是棉布长裤 But until that time, can I get you a drink? 但是在那发生之前,我能请你喝一杯吗? (Cough) You rehearsed that much? (假咳)你演练过这段话吗? Every night in front of the mirror before bed 每晚睡觉之前都会在镜子前面练习 (目光再次下移) wow, I can picture that wow,可以想象这个画面 I can show you first hand 我能当面给你演示一遍(调情) Sorry I don’t laugh your jokes 不好意思,这不好笑 I haven’t been paid to like all the DoD fat cats in this place, Mr. Stark 我不像那些国防部大肥猫一样被贿赂了,史塔克先生 (Fat Cat:指置个人利益于公众利益之上的商人和政客) It’s alright, stick around, you will be in payroll soon enough 没事,只要你还干这行,早晚会收到你那笔钱的 Call me Tony 叫我Tony就好 I’m sorry, Tony 很抱歉,Tony I was looking for more serious answer 我想能得到一些更严肃的答案 OK, you are serious OK,你要来真格的 My old man had philosophy 我老爹有个理论 Peace by definition means having a bigger stick than the other guy 和平的定义就是你要比别人拳头更硬 So I feed the good dog 所以我只扶持好家伙 We arm the good guys 我们把好人武装起来 Because you are gonna be sure shitsome arms are on the bad guys 因为你希望坏蛋们的装备都像屎一样 Nice justification coming from the guy selling the sticks 从一个军火商嘴里听到这句话还真是有力的辩护啊 You mean my father? 你指我父亲? My father who was commended by FDR for working on the Manhattan project to help defeat the Nazis 我父亲被卢瑟福总统委任曼哈顿计划,因此我们才打败了纳粹 Well others call it “War profiteering" 但是有人称之为“发战争财的” This rhetorical question, you know, need for a response 对于这种无中生有我应该回应一下 Tell me, do you plan to run any pictures of all other millions we have saved by advancing medical technology 告诉我,你打算报道那些因为我们发展了医疗技术解救了数百万人生命的故事吗? Or kept from starvation with our intelli-crops? 或者因我们的种植技术免于饥荒的人 Are you going to ignore all those advances that respond from military funding? 你要无视那些受惠于军事资金的正面事件吗? wow, you really have all of those down wow,你真的准备充分啊 You ever losing an hour of sleep your whole life 你这辈子失眠过吗? I gotta tell you... Is that thing real? 我得告诉你件事... 那是真货吗? You are never get me in the sack with that attitude 就你这态度绝对没法把我骗上床 场面有点失控啊 搞定,搞定 你还在白金汉宫呢,现在怎么办 还有谁知道这件事 没人了 额,Pepper可能和以前一样也早晚会知道 没错,Pepper什么都知道..

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Tony Stark proves he is the best actor ever

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