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Jacque Fresco - Environmental Conditioning and Engineering, Thought Habits (1976)

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Yes. Right. Okay. Inside the human ear, in essence, there is a gadget that looks like a seashell. We will forget the details, and just generate a heart. Here it is. With strings. Are ready to. Mechanisms die in a set of tension on these strings. And that they happen to be very closed. And you have another human being making a certain sound. Or, you know, japanese or greek words, if you do them. Those sounds, picked mechanisms in ear, which in turn, they are connected to the areas in brain, which turns down the vocal chord. And setting the chord vocal motion. Birds do not sing. They have a mechanism where their sounds of their you don't hear. They hit the birds, temporal lobe, and set the vocal mechanism in motion. Birds are not, just about an opinion saying that, or forcing you to saying. You don't have a dog house, when a siren in fire, you even see that happen? And you can hear that sound. Which you can hear most of the sounds of the bird can hear. You can hear the sound that come and make in to do that. And if you speak japanese to a swedish baby, and then they will speak japanese. They tend to mimic by the nature of structure. If they born deaf, they don't do it. Now, some children, there is a little boy, blind tong, i can't remember that. The fact is that he has an insufficient upon, was a severe insuficient. And with a blind tongue, he can never say he was born blind, he was never able to say. And if you sit outside and state and listen to people they count. And that was one of this major differences in sound. So, the temporal lobes, adult, there is, the resignating system was directly from the brain and develop a high degree, of what you call musical storage systems of information. The child in many others areas are fully coordinated. But one day he walked into that house, when no one was in home, and began to put away all of that camera. And was able to reproduce sounds very quickly. Where was he able to take the average shower, they played with the clay and he glued things again, and they listen to sound, and they swing them back. So it happens that becomes less specialized, with less linear assumption of information. So, we wanted to make a musician. We would generate a kind of environment with a high degree of dependency, which was based on the temporal lobe of the sound, the consciousness. And so, what was happen to this child, between you don't know people you recognize. What that child did was different of another children, and very few people were able to do that. That's why we say that there are no brain myth. In this sense, that possibly. The first men jumped out of pressure, with small wings down. And his brother (?) makes his wings larger. And then with the larger wings the guys jump on. And he, the filled around when snapped, and his custom rope race wage. And so, they don't spring wings when they put on the structures picked up by wires. And the man jumped under pressure was included. And he hit a boundary and died. And someone, the rope have and then turn back to the fish. And he put around there, rope on the guy. But it couldn't turn well, and said how birds twisted their wings, they learnt to do that. And after a thousand of people died, somebody jumped over the pressure, which was included, they called the father of flight, which is dangerous. To me, there are no fathers of flight, and no break minds. That all break minds climb upon the backs of all the others that lived before them. Always, we are vain to this world. We get to say, well, there was a lot of hard work, you know, to achieve that. And they don't always recognize where the hell they got them from. And that is why i'm so afraid of the all political world, it is because they push that shit, continuously. They say, get the person, and they make other people feel insufficient. Why do they want to do? Why do they want to fly? Okay. Most children started out pretty wild. In the meanwhile they say, you know, driving a car, there is, and people living in thin chats, and they say, mommy living in those old houses? And they say, well, that is the way it is. When they will have nice new houses like our houses? And you say, you know, some people brought inside, you know? That is not the answer. The answer is, in an inequality society, that there is no concern, and doesn't elevate these people out. That the poor in the poorest families, that the child, say, 6 or 7, walks over their father and they say dad, how do they moves that out there without any pools in the (?)? You don't know about that. I don't have that kind of information. I don't know nothing, you can solve make sense of what i get. So, you can't get any information. The child can't move beyond, what the fuck you are going to do? They have a short vocabulary because their subculture was said. But if you invade those areas, and put it in (?) libraries in the poorest areas, you don't have to steal (?), they will take out any (?). So they are people to agree into them. That there are people that give them ideas that they never had before. But if you maintain a polish american club, or the traditions of the arabic people, or the german or french traditions, this is dangerous. I'm pretty much against that. I'm against all that kind of things. I would like to see human systems brought together. We will be deal with all kinds of people. We don't separate people with the cultural differences was stated. We don't want to maintain that. Unless it is significant. But they want? No. Because then, you have to permit the nazis to go on. That is what he wants. Why you move in there? You moved in because it is detrimental to the great majority of people, so you moved in. When a child says mommy, the glass in red was broken, and let's pray, so then it gets big. And you say, when i left, so, nothing comes together again after it was broken, you tried to build. And you try to put in a new bowl, which is blue together. And evacuated the end of the weld, you see? You give into that. But when you bring them up on Cinderella, when the rats turns the hostile, when the tree becomes irrelevant. You start giving people that kind of crappy value system, which they say very good, it is (?), stimulates people. This is a crap, a lot. And it has being perpetrated for years by most people in this society. We are all conformed always to think we which stepped outside. This is very hard for us to change our habits of thought. Because our habits of thoughts are practically weld in sentences. Right now, there is a neurologist named Barry, and he bought a book called the break of mind. And in the earlier days, a particular individual was working on a real world yard. And he had dreams of being caught on the tracks. The train coming at him, and the psychiatrist failed to ask certain questions, what kind of work he did. He just wanted to, once on another saying conscious that wished. Another particular individual thought that he felt that his eye says, like his caught in the eyes. And that increased into, in the early days, they use to water base in the footage of the bed. And used to take their towels over the bed. And the towel being wet, and in the water basement, the (?) reaction bought over this guy (?) sleep, which induced a dream of cold water. Which induced the eye situation that the guy was in a skyscraper. He called it as secret mnemonic dreams. Dreams that if you eat a lot of food, and you got to sleep at night, you might dream on some putting a (?) in your chest and taking it up. And sometimes it was induced by the physiological state. And so, what we have to do is to try to find out what kind of mechanism a man is. And what laws affected their behaviour. And then, if you want a certain product that he called behaviour, you have the engineer an environment that generated that product. Right? Let's assume i wanted my job to be a mathematical genious. Assuming he is not that starving, okay? Or any child. What i used to do years ago is, i put 3 dots on the screen. Thin like that. And i covered them. And i take my head away to, how many dots do you see? This is typical on all show. They tend to point, to say one, and then they look at you. And then their children, they look at you in (?). And tell you about their children, many years old. And then they (?) again. And i say when the child, you can see that there was 3 dots. You wouldn't say 1 daddy, 2 daddies, 3 daddies. Do you? As you would see there? Yes. So i do this. And i covered. 3 daddy. And i do this. 6 daddy. Now, what happens, the child learned to take in a whole situation. Like you have 1000, 2000, children wouldn't have to die. You can't see it, at 3000. And so, you can go up to 32 dots, automatically. No matter they put on the board, all have being covered. So i wanted them to have this overall sense, and... I didn't know where i got it in the early days. I want all kinds of awards, and complications in it. When i thought i had talent, is that what they told me, that i have a lot of talent. I didn't know where it came from. Later on, we did a trace. How? What factors influenced inventions? Where the ideas come from? If man can think or reason, how can he make a refrigerator? In the summer they makes it cool. Join where we have a hunt, i was interested to say then, how can he do it, instead of thing or reason. Why is it wondered? All right. That is another question. Let's see how he did it, and how he get into the other. Okay. What he did, in the early days, alchemists, they used to put fluids in containers, and they collected all these things of all things of products, and get whatever fluids they can get. It sound the fluids were evaporated rapidly. And they have to put a top on this extremely well sealed, and this was wax. But in cases that they couldn't, they wanted to study the rate of the evaporation, they did in bottles. And they moved it across the opening of the fluid. And some fluids were highly volatile, and they evaporated very rapidly. And you know this when you touch the joint and that was got cold, and they maybe noted that. When fluids evaporated rapidly, there is a drop in temperature. That would remain in a shell for a hundred and fifty years before anybody put it in the use. Now, most things are discovered, like penicillin. People don't sit down and invent anything at all. Ever. They don't know where they get it from. But they sound it done it invented. Now, in my school, bothers that said man invented the wheel... subscribe... thanks!

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Formerly titled "Birds Don't Sing", Jacque digs deep into improper use of language, which directly affects nearly everyone. July 24, 1976

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