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Puff Tutorial

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Hello, today's tutorial is going to teach you how to download, install, and use, Puff. Puff is a piece of software that allows you to connect to a proxy service. In case you're asking yourself, "Well, what is a proxy server?" I'll give you a brief explanation. A proxy server is a remote computer, or server, that you connect to before you connect to the Internet. This remote computer then processes all of your internet requests so that, to anybody who is watching, it looks like that computer is viewing websites and accessing information instead of you. For example: let's say you're sitting at your computer at home and you decide that you want to look at the latest news on elections in your area. But when you type in the address of the website, you find that someone has placed you behind a firewall, effectively blocking you from accessing the info you wanted. Well, you start up Puff and Puff connects you to a proxy server, which then accesses the Internet for you and returns the information you were looking for. By using Puff, you are gaining access to information and protecting your identity through the use of a proxy server. So, with that in mind, we're going to get the software. And to do that we need to open up our preferred web browser, I'm using Firefox. Once you've opened your browser you want to go to The Puff website is pretty small, there's not much information on it. You can see the dragon wallpaper here and below that you can see that there is a commercial version of the Puff that costs 16 dollars a year and then there's a free version, which is a little older but it works just as well. You can also contact the author at Puff1984 on Twitter. But for right now we're just going to download the free version. So click the file and save it. It's pretty small, so it should download rather quickly. Alright, it's downloaded. I'm going to close these windows, I don't need them anymore. Now, I'm going to go find the file. The Puff file comes to you in a RAR (.rar) archive. To open it up you're going to need a program like Winzip, 7zip, or WinRar. I have 7zip on my computer so I'm going to use that in order to extract the files. Once the files are extracted you'll have the setup application. Now all you have to do is double-click this and it will start the installation wizard. This is like every standard installation wizard, click next a couple of times and it installs the program. Click next here. If you want to put the program in a different directory on your computer, you can click browser, find it, and then click next. I'm just going to let it install to the default directory. So I'm going to click next. Click next. I want it to create a desktop icon so I'm going to check that box. Click next. Then review this information and click install. You can automatically run Puff after the installation but I'm going to uncheck the box because I want to run it from the desktop. So I'm going to click finish. Close out this window here. Here's the Puff icon here, it's a dinosaur or dragon, whatever you want to say it is. Double-click the icon. This brings up the user interface for Puff. Here's the user interface and down here you can see the Puff icon. By clicking the icon you can minimize and maximize the Puff user interface. So, on the user interface you have a couple of buttons: "About" and "Help" will lead you to blank pages. There is obviously no info there. So I wouldn't bother with them. "Buy Now" will take you to PayPal in order to buy a commercial version of Puff. What we are really concerned with is over here. You can see this icon over here, the black screens, this means we aren't connected to the proxy service yet. By clicking "Connect" it will start connecting and once the screens are both blue, and "Connect" is grayed out, that means we're connected to the service. Down here you can see "IE via Proxy" which will give us a secure browser. It will open up an Internet Explorer browser that will be secured with Puff's web proxy. "IE Local" will open up an Internet Explorer browser that is not protected. You're IP address will be visible and you'll still be trapped behind any firewalls that you were originally behind. So, we're going to click on "IE via Proxy". What this first does is take you to a website that shows you your IP address while using the proxy address. This is not my real IP address. I will show you my real IP address, as in all of my other tutorials, by going to This is my real IP address. Obviously, because I'm being secure and teaching you to be secure, I'm blocking out some of the numbers. You can be assured that that is my real IP address. Obviously, these numbers are very different. What this has done is protected your IP address, and in doing so, helps to protect your identity online. This also give you access to information you wouldn't normally be able to get by getting you around firewalls and giving you access to websites that would normally be blocked or censored in your area. That's pretty much all there is to it. All you have to do to close the program is click "Close" or "Disconnect" at any time. Exit the program and then use your computer regularly. That is the Tutorial for using Puff and I hope it helped you out.

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Tutorial that covers downloading, installing, and using the Puff software.

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