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Everything is OK Montage

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Everything you read in the mainstream media is 100% true Please go back to your jobs. If you have not got a job you are a worthless human being. Consume, consume, consume until we have no planet left to consume. What you need to do is buy things that you don't need. That's the best way to support the economy. Smiling is bad for the economy. Please do not smile! Sir, please move swiftly to your next shopping experience. It's very important for children to be trained in ripping peoples bodies to shreds. So come on buy some games with lots of killing and destruction and war. Independend thoughts lead to chaos. Thinking is boring. Thinking is hard work and it's not worth the energy. If you see a buddist on the street try and get them to leave their religion. Buddist are trying to get us to meditate. Meditation is a waste of good shopping time. Miserable people shop more. So please remain as miserable as you can. You know, the other aliens on my planet they call you sheeple - not people. But I will not stoop so low - "mah!" It's very nice where we have security in a corporate-zone imitating public servants... - Hey, please, no, you are not allowed, not allowed, no at all! Wait! - What are we not allowed to do? - Can I please see your paperwork? - My paperwork? Can I ask you sir, why are you dressed up impersonating a police officer? I suggest, you put the megaphones down and stop protesting please. You suggested that I put my megaphone down and stop protesting. - Now! - I am not protesting. I'm just speaking through a megaphone, and what I do is give people like you hugs. What you need is a hug. Now you do need a hug. Honestly. Excuse me, sir! Can you calm it? Yes sir, yes sir - keep it calm, keep it calm! Get back inside and get back to work. That's what you should be doing. Stop putting your head out there. Never mind your lunch hour. The more you work the better. Because when you die, you'll regret that you haven't worked more. And by the way, ladies and gentlemen, if you are told not to film this that is an abuse of power. You are completly entitled to film whatever you like and that is on the metropolitan police website. So please continue. Isn't it amazing, when people are in uniform they complety loose their minds? - I'll listen to you without the megaphone, if you don't mind? - I know you do, but I prefer to speak with a megaphone so everybody knows what I'm saying. - Do you have got a permission to be here? - No one has got permission to be here. Hold up a second... excuse me madam, do you have a permission to be here? Do you have a permission? Do you have a permission? You are very very naughty lot of people. I think we gonna have to get a lot of police out here. Something's happened about the police force in the last thirty years. What's happened is that instead of them being here to protect us, what you started to become is a corporate gang, a gang of corporate security people that go around fining people for saying words. You sort of lost touch with what you are really here to do which is to help us. It feels like it, yeah. Because you're not really helping anybody by fining him for saying the word "shit" or whatever other word. Does anyone else notice how Canary Wharf-security uniforms look suspiciously like public servant police uniforms. They are private employees on a private area yet they are allowed to wear a uniform which looks exactly like a police uniform, because we are entering what some people call a police state. I would call it a Canary Wharf-security state. Capitalism is a wonderful system. OK, a few billion people get nothing, but still, think of all the people that get lots. Don't worry about the fact that the Chinese people have to work for fifty cents a day. They're Chinese. Who cares? There's a billion of them... What I'm gonna say to you guys impersonating the police, that this is nothing personal. And I'm gonna show you how much this is nothing personal. We met before, didn't we? - We probably have. Ladies and gentlemen the true thing is: I know we're creating a scene but creating a scene is not illegal. You are born free, you'll live free and you'll die free. You are allowed to make a scene, you're allowed to scream for joy, you're allowed to complain, you're allowed to cry, you're allowed to love people, you're allowed to hug people. And we're starting to live in a world where we're starting to feel scared, we're starting to forget just how divine and special we are as human beings. Every single one of you is the only example of you that will ever exist and there's not a single authority on this world - especially not private security men - who can tell you how to behave in anytime, anyplace, anywhere. You are free, you'll live free, you'll die free. The only chains that exist are in your mind. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. - Stop filming! Stop filming! - But there is CCTV-cameras all over the place. - How come you've got the right to film me? Stop please! Stop recording or I'll take it! Stop recording! Tell me what the law is. You can't take it off me. That's private property. Let's spend the next two minutes hugging as many people as you can. OK, that's enough now. Go back to your work and your jobs and go back and do what you were told. Please carry on your wasting valueable shopping-time... Danny, check out these uniform-people! Fake policeman takes Pablo aside and tries to convince him that filming he's aiding terrorists who will know who they are... Excuse me! Film me - that's fine. Our picture's been taken by CCTV all the time. Why does it bother you if we take it or if the British Transport Police take it? Guys, have you lost your minds? Because all we're doing is just filming in a station. ...but you ain't got permission to. The reason behind that is... for example things like terrorists - just to give you an example - yeah, they can be filming sort of undercover. You think perhaps we might be terrorists? ...don't say nothing, sir... please don't... Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not allowed to tell you what this man just told me. It's top-secret. It has something to do with terrorism. Just to let you know: terrorism is just a word. And it's a very clever word used to control you. Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, al quaida, mohammed, terrorism, terrorism, war in iraq, war in afgahnistan al quaida, osama bin laden, tora bora, afgahnistan, terrorism, stay scared, stay seperate, terror, terror, terror, terror is bad, you are bad, go shopping, stay scared! There's no difference really between terrorism and war and therefore the war on terrorism is like having a war on war. Also what the gentleman said is that our footage from our friends here filming will be downloaded by al quaeda who will then single all of you out and blow you all up individually with an airliner. Ladies and gentlemen, drinkers of bar 38, if I may have your attention for a second... This is a message from the architect of the matrix. We would like to thank you all for having no imagination and taking a corporate chain bar. Hold on a second, Charlie, this guy looks a bit like a terrorist, doesn't he? It's the dark skin, the long hair and the tie makes him look... he's trying to make out that he's not one... Are you a terrorist, sir? No, I'm definitly not a terrorist. You're not. Well that's what you would say if you were a terrorist, wouldn't you? You wouldn't say "Yes, I am." That's exaclty what terrorists say If you see a terrorist or someone looking like this man, report him to the police immediatly. We need to rid the world of terrorists and people with swine flu. Always do what the police tell you to do and everything will be fine. I'd like to thank the City of London Police for doing a wonderful job in their fluorescent jackets and protecting us all from the terrorists. The media is telling us to always be scared through terrorism and like the economic recession so we're just trying to do the opposite and say that everything's fine 'cause true happiness can only come from within so we should stop looking to other things and trying to make us happy, or scared, or full of fear. And if we just realize for one second that everything that we want in live is infinite and within us we could spread love and tell everyone that everything's ok. translated by The Zeitgeist Movement LinguisticTeam to inspire StreetActivism

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Duration: 8 minutes and 2 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: tzmgermany on Mar 6, 2013

A Video-Montage from 2010 with Charles Veitch and Danny Shine from The Love Police - London/England. This ist the working-location for translations. Completed translations can be found here:

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