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Logging Into Blackboard

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For this screencast today I would like to llustrate to you how you can log into your Blackboard account on a regular basis for your classes that you are currently taking online. To begin open up a web browser of your choice, I am currently using Mozilla Firefox and once you have your browser open go to the address bar and type in the following address Hit enter and once you've hit enter it will take you to the following screen, the login screen. You will see that in this area is where you need to enter in your username and password to have the ability to access your account. But what I would like to do is bring your attention to this area down below which will illustrate to you specifically what you need to do to access your Blackboard account. Your username is the same you as your WebAdvisor login name. WebAdvisor being the same system you use to register for your online classes, that username is the same username you will enter in this field right here. Your Password is your 6 digit birthdate. For example if your birthdate is on July 15, 1985 you will enter in the two digit month, two digit day, and two digit year as your password in this field right here. And then once we have logged in I will show you how you can change your password after we've logged into the account. If you are having trouble logging into your account, note that your account is available one day after you register for class and you will not see your class until the instructor has made it available. So if you are able to successfully log into your Blackboard account and you still do not see your classes that you are registered for. Contact your instructor and confirm that they have made those courses available to their students. Let's go ahead and begin , let's log into your account. As we stated before your username or our username is the same as your WebAdvisor login name. So I am going to enter in my WebAdvisor login name right here and then I will enter in my 6 digit birthdate following this format right here and then I will click login. I've successfully logged into my account and as you can see here in this box I can access whatever courses that I am currently enrolled in. However as promised I did say that I would show you how you can change your password once you've logged into your Blackboard account. Refer to the tools box, and then click on Personal Information, and then click on change password. Fill out the form provided and once you've filled out this form and clicked submit you will have successfully changed your password. However, what if you are unable to log into your account? If you are unable to log into your account and you receive maybe a possible error like this, "Could not Valid authentication credentials were not provided." If you receive this error first you want to do is confirm that you're using the correct username. Again to reiterate, the same you use for WebAdvisor is the same username you use here. So to make sure we're using username, we need go to WebAdvisor and retrieve that. If you are a student at Grossmont College, you can go to the website and then click on the WebAdvisor link right here and it will take you to WebAdvisor. If you are a student attending Cuyamaca, go to and then you can click on the WebAdvisor link right here. To retrieve your WebAdvisor username, Click on the Account Information link and then click on "What's My User ID?” Fill out the form provided, your last name being required and then you can either enter your social security number or your Colleague ID. Once you've filled this form out, click submit, and then on the next page it will display the username that you need to use for Blackboard. Write that name down and then go back to Blackboard and enter in your information. Your correct WebAdvisor username and then your 6-digit birth-date. However, if you are still unable to log into your account after retrieving your username; you can click on the "Forgot Your Password" link right here. Clicking on this link will bring up a new window and you can choose an option to retrieve your password. Either enter in your information for one option only. Whether it's the Username Option or the Email Address Option; we already know our username since we've retrieved it from WebAdvisor. So what I suggest doing is clicking on and filling out the Username option field here by filling in your name, your last name, and then your WebAdvisor username. Once you click submit, check your email for a password reset link from Blackboard where you can reset your and then access your account. If you do option 2 the "Email Address Option" you need make sure that email address that you enter here is an active email address that's on your WebAdvisor account. So the email address that is on WebAdvisor needs to be here if you choose this option. Again fill out the form provided, click submit and you will receive the password reset link from Blackboard. But since we already know our username, right here since we went to Web Advisor to retrieve it this would be the best option for you to use and then you should be able to reset your password and then access your account. However after retrieving your WebAdvisor username, after clicking on the "Forgot Password" link, if you are still unable to access your Blackboard account. The number you need to do the next step is to contact your instructor. They have the ability to access their Blackboard roster, confirm what your username is, and then they have the ability to reset the password. So the next step would be to contact your instructor. If you are unable to contact your instructor and you need to get into Blackboard right away; you also have the option of calling the help desk for each individual college. For Cuyamaca Students call area code 619-660-4395 and for Grossmont Students call area code 619-644-7383. That concludes this tutorial, this screencast on how to log in and access your Blackboard account.

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This screencast will illustrate how to properly log into Blackboard and what to do if a user runs into any issues.

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