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Sraddhalu Ranade - The Habit of Consciousness

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global oneness project The Habit of Consciousness I believe that--and I have also confirmed by experience-- everybody, without exception, has glimpses of the experience. Sraddhalu Ranade - Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India - Scientist, Educationalist, Scholar To put it in a very obvious form, I would say if the whole cosmos is essentially an expression of the same oneness, then that oneness should be leaking out all over the place because everything is expressing that, essentially. Everything is made of that, essentially. Therefore, into our minds, into our hearts, sometimes even on our senses, the oneness, the eternity or the infinity, of the origin often leaks out. And because we are so obsessed by habit, stuck on small pieces, that we do not fully recognize what that experience means, it comes, we feel good for a while, and it passes, and we forget it. So for example, all of us--children, adults, everybody-- going into nature we experience a shift. We experience a sense of beauty, vastness, and sometimes that deepens and we feel a sense of oneness with the whole forest or mountain or valley, and then briefly sometimes it feels as if time stops and we could be here forever or perhaps we were here forever. And in that brief moment when time stops, we have touched that eternity. But it's a kind of a reflection and registers in only a part of our being when we are quiet. And after that, as we move on, it fades rapidly because it did not get ahold in the fullness of our being. If we pay attention to that moment, we can extend it, We can invoke it, we can settle ourselves in it and live in it even, eventually. At first, the only thing that prevents us from reaching and touching that is habit and the habit of the consciousness, of the mind particularly, to be lost in activity, chaotic activity, and in the pieces of that activity. So what I would do is to draw upon these moments, flashes of experience that everybody has had in some form or the other, and use that as the reference by which they can relate to this. And I believe that if everybody introspects a little, drawing on these experiences, they get a sense of what it is we are talking of. Necessarily, when we're speaking of something which is a oneness and is most essential, words fail. Words can only communicate signposts, like this way. But at the end of it, the experience itself can never be fully expressed in words. But each one of us can have it. When we try to express it in words, every formulation captures a part of it and misses the fullness in some way. So it's possible for different people to formulate differently an experience that is still essentially the same. And it's this which leads to so many divisions in philosophies or religious experiences, where each religion says, "Oh, the essential reality, the ultimate reality, is like this." And others say, "It is like this," and others say, "It is like this." But what they don't realize is that essential reality is one which can express itself in so many facets. I would even go in another direction when reaching out to someone who doesn't understand by asking, "What are our deepest motivations as human beings?" "What do we really look for?" And you'll find everybody comes up with one word. Sometimes they are different words, but there is one word which is like the deepest truth that I seek. Someone will say true love, someone says truth, someone says freedom, another says perfect knowledge. Whatever it is that the person adores and worships as his ideal, you'll see is an aspect of that one. And then you can ask the person or introspect on, "Why is it that I'm drawn to that?" And you find there's something deep inside you that knows it, and that's what pulls you towards it. And it is this which becomes a reference point for that person's journey to find his way to the source. And everyone has had glimpses of that; otherwise, he wouldn't be chasing it in his life.

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