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Itziar Ruiz-Giménez (Amnistía Internacional) habla sobre prioridades en la protección de defensores de derechos humanos

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Support for the men and women who are human rights activists has to be the priority of the foreign policy of the European Union and of governments, and not something that is always subordinated to the question of whether there are other interests -- of whether there are no geopolitical interests -- of whether there are no oil interests -- of whether there are no economic interests. This must be the priority of the foreign policy of the European Union and of the member states. There must be an increase in the coherence of the actions taken by the states in the European Union, and of the European Union itself, to defend human rights activists so that all of these are coordinated, so that they are not individual actions, but rather measures adopted to support the work being done by human rights a activists, and this is fundamental. But I would say that a step beyond this is needed. The presidency of Spain and of the European Union, and all the member states, must go beyond dialogue with the men and women who are defending human rights; these programs, which are essential must be extended. They must not only involve a some people for a few years the years; there have to be many more people. But we have to talk about asylum, about the fact that it is in danger of extinction, about the fact that European countries do not grant asylum to people, that this country does not grant even 150 statutes per year. And refugees, as Delia has said, are human rights activists and they are coming, they are leaving, and they need protection now. While we are talking, it's also important to see that this dialog that will be held with the activists, these reception programs for activists, which are fundamental and we think this initiative that the Spanish government is proposing is fantastic, must be complemented, and they must be complemented with dialogue with those who commit violations of human rights, with those who pressure activists to stop talking, to cease their activities. The center of the dialogue is not with the human rights activists; the center of the dialog has to be, we hope it that it will be, we ask you to ask the government, we ask the parliament, that the government and the parliament pursue this, it has to be with the governments, it has to be by demanding that bilateral and multilateral relations stop violating the human rights of human rights activists. Thank you very much.

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Posted by: olgaberrios on Feb 4, 2010

La presidenta de Amnistía Internaiconal cree que los derechos humanos deben ser la prioridad de la política exterior de la Unión Europea, no algo subordinado a otros intereses políticos o económicos.

Además, cree que el Gobierno tiene que ir más allá del diálogo con defensores y defensoras, tienen que dialogar con quienes cometen las violaciones de los derechos humanos.

Tienen que extender los programas de protección a defensores, que en unos años sólo han acogido a unas cien personas y tenemos que hablar del asilo que está en peligro de extinción. España no da ni 150 estatutos de refugiado al año y los defensores necesitan esa protección.

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