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Creature Comforts_Cats or dogs

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Well the difference between cats and dogs Cats... don't wag their tail like a dog and they... Yes, they do! -Sometimes! -Sometimes they do They don't go... Oh, no, They don't do that. And... and they don't ... sit and go (panting sound) And they don't fetch balls as well as dogs. One's got a waggy tail and a cold nose and the claws are... totally contracted all the time whereas the other one contracts their claws and it's got... ... sharper teeth and... ... pointed ears. Which one is which? The cats are the ones with contracted claws and the...sharper teeth and the sharp pointed ears. Ahem! Ahem! Excuse me! I think I'm an oddity. I've.. I... I've got a foot in both camps, really I appreciate either animal for very different qualities. I like dogs better than cats though. No, I don't. They seem to be... ... more friendly somehow. Dogs like greet you whereas cats they just sit they can sleep for so long! you know? Cats can appear to be lazy but I don't think they are. They have big claws like bears And they look like bears. They just sit about all day and get fed and... go "Meow" Meow! Meeeow! Meeeow! Meeow! I... I find that cats they claw the carpet a lot The're a complete nuisance, actually. Meow! Meeow! Meow! You certainly get more out of a dog in.. in.. in response. But they're more interested, aren't they? I find that they are thicker than cats, personally Do you? I do! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! And I go "SHUT UP!" I used to be a chaser myself But... I mean... It'sSss..It's about what? It's all about competitiveness you know what I mean? You see these blokes and, it's like they've been let off a lead! There's more in life than that, man! watching... hounds after a hare. you know what I mean? It''s... I've been bitten by dogs I've been bitten by cats I've been bitten by...oohh.. You name it, I'll claim it! Once I was walking past the... er.... ... a house And the door suddenly flew open and a dog with a head the size of... erm...Albania jumped out and its teeth were an inch away from my face and its mouth was so big I could have lived inside that mouth quite comfortably And I was nearly killed. I've been chased by a Great Dane A slobbering big thing. and it frightened me. I've been bitten by a Beagle I've been chased by an old English shepherd dog ... which was a... outside that was a springboard into becoming a christian. You, you always say dogs come sniffing at your private parts Do I? Yeah, that's one thing you always say! Well, probably they do not. Maybe they're just being affectionate! Dogs wag their tails to get the smell of their farts away And the cat just walks around with its tail in the air. Dogs I like very much because. . of their... int..great intelligence and loyalty, generally. And... ... they're so animated and.. ..., you know?,... ... great chums! I don't think I've ever had fleas I think the closer I ever got was scabbies. and that was quite...uh... quite bad enough. They .. entirely cover your body from head to toe with this alcohol solution I had always this sort of nagging doubt that some part of you anatomy would catch light like a fuse and I would just be an enormous blue puff ! I think the best thing to do is to put on some flea powder which you get from the vet But... it's probably not a good idea to have a good scratch because...erm... ... that makes it red and... ... raw and... a bit rough and everything You know, I've never.. I've never had any... any breed that's been a kind of... pampered..., you know?,... pooch... you know?.. er.. They breed these nuisance dogs, don't they? and give them awards for how mutate they look and if it's a perfect mutant it's got a pedigree But if you cross breed with another mutant it's called a mongrel. Most pedigree dogs to get them perfect they've got things wrong with them. It's like the Bull terrier and the Bulldog can hardly breathe 'cause they are bred into a flattened face is a bulldog, isn't it? And a lot of the breeds have suffered on the show at Crufts. They look ridiculous with silly bows. Look stupid. I'm certainly a loyal companion but I have to say I've been let down a lot too in my life. I might be very loyal but I do like my father said before me. He said "You trust everybody once" And that's what I do. I trust everybody once no matter who they are. So I'm loyal to the point of disloyalty. Cats on the other hand They are the clever onessss They give humans... ... NOTHING! I'm not a cat person No, they are not loving enough and they hiss a bit and they... they... they don't do anything They just wee all over the garden and leave brown stains all over the grass and just make a nuisance about the house. Ha, ha, ha, HA, ha! I.. I defecate, you know, outside 'coz I have.. You know what I mean? It is...step... stepping on dog mess Uhm... there's ... it's... It's not very hygienic and it's not very .. uhm... It's just not nice. You kind of get an antenae It's like you see a cat going They always go on over you did? Sidestepping! If you can't do sidestepping make sure you come through it. 'Coz at the end of the day cats, when they go to the toilet, they clean up and they cover up everything. And that's got to be a sign of higher intelligence. That's... a dirty filthy business and that ought to be stopped totally! I think dogs are more... for a start, I think they smell a lot. Whereas a cat You can leave a cat to it whereas with a dog... Yeah, but if...if you've got a burgler coming in your house at least the dog makes a noise! - The cat.... -Yeah, but you can throw the cat AT the burgler That's a silly thing to say Dogs are more interested and that's the end of it! Ha,ha,ha, HA, ... No, that's not the end of it! We'll just have to agree to disagree then. I've got a lovely smile, so my mum says. And I look good for my age too!

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Another Creature Comforts episode. Do you like cats? Do you like dogs? Do you like both? Well, in this video you can hear to different points of views. Maybe you will change your mind!

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