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James Bullock - San Francisco, United States - English (Global Lives Project, 2004) ~19:00:01 - 20:00:04

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We have to do what Bill Clinton just talked about and that's bridging the gap and creating bridges between, uh Party base, people loyal to them, but expand it to create a majority What she say? That a pregnant woman being murdered Is an example That a pregnant woman being murdered is double homicide. You're out of blue jeans Where? -- In the dryer Look, there's a Woody, James Oh, oh yeah Oh, I see Clark [Unintelligible] is a car racer Right She said thanks More food We got a thank you card from [Unintelligible] For what? -- Oh for -- [Unintelligible] her birthday this year Wells Fargo, you got a check, Wells Fargo. I'll take care of those [Unintelligible] Did you have another [Unintelligible] ?-- Yeah, I'm full. Probably another [Unintelligible] tomorrow Have this again tomorrow? Yeah, that'll be fine. You don't want it for lunch? Uh, yeah, I do You know, I actually went and had a burrito Yeah, that's what I had, a burrito. We all went and got some burritos. I got one from La Taqueria 'Cause I had to go to the office -- Uh huh -- and it was, like, 11:30 and I was on my way back and I didn't have lunch So, I thought that [Unintelligible] had a burrito Yeah, alright So, you know I went out for lunch [Unintelligible] Is Danny going? Is going where? [Unintelligible] And Vicky's mother and Vicky's sister So, did you watch The Weather Channel this morning? No, I should have So, oh -- Yes -- Bruce is in a play in Santa Cruz -- You're kidding And, uh, he's, like, singing and dancing So, it sounds like they're all gonna be there the week of December 4th. You wanna spend the night in Santa Cruz? That would be very fun. Oh! We can't! -- Why? That's the, actually we could and come back on Sunday, that's the box party The box party's on Sunday So, spend Saturday night in Santa Cruz -- And come back -- Cool -- And then go to the, yeah, we could do that That'd be fun! I would do that. Just spend Saturday night -- Yeah, I guess, go there Saturday What did he say, do you know, is there? I have no idea Are they spending the night? -- Yeah, but they got to crash somewhere. Well, we should find out where Bruce lives and just stay somewhere close to him Think he doesn't get back, about, make sure the date, that's the right date This is phone sex [Unintelligible] I was thinking the other day, it'd be nice to have little stickers you can stick on people's [Unintelligible] phones What? -- Kick [Unintelligible] There was a woman in the studio the other night, there was, like, on the phone for probably 20 minutes Yapping away -- Uh huh -- and [Unintelligible] -- What? -- [Unintelligible] and [Unintelligible] away And everybody else was listening to her dumb phone conversation It is phone sex! Hello? Shakira! How are you? I'm hanging in there Well, see, that's what I'm saying. Hold on a minute. 'Cause, he's your dad. Right Anyway It's complicated, I guess. Next time you go to New York. When do you leave? Get in in her face. There you go. Wouldn't that just be perfect? Well, I think that's what got me in trouble with [Unintelligible] It was sort of that. Are these Africa? Yeah, I think those are Africa Anyway, so what have you been up to? Are you going through stuff with Langdon? That's cool Good. Good, you put it up stairs? What did you get? Sealy? Like [Unintelligible]. We have a Pillowtop and if I were to do it again, I probably wouldn't get it. It's nice. It's really comfortable. A king? Dang! You know, kings are not really too big. It's like, "James, where are you? Oh! Are you still in the room?" That's true. He's big. But I have small hands James said, James's in the room, he said "and I have small hands" Right. He's just a little guy. Anyway. So, what time do you want to do this on Saturday? We have no plans exactly. I mean, we could eat dinner and then we could go to a movie or something. How would you like that? Ok. Dinner at [Unintelligible]. Ok. Sounds like we're on for Saturday. J.R. might come And, we're just going to have dinner? -- Dinner at least. Who's [Unintelligible]. They're gonna come here So, well, obviously, we'll go somewhere Ok, cool. Or, we'll talk on Saturday Is this yours? Yeah. How's [Unintelligible] doing? Well I haven't been doing this in a while. [Unintelligible] and going to the gym. I saw, um, what's his name? What's his name, from the studio? He comes to the jam Oh, uh -- Jorge -- Jorge! So, he's gonna be there? Yeah Should I eat a Reeses? Ok, I'm gonna watch tennis Yeah, we should just play tennis with Jeanie on Sunday Oh, really? At what time? I don't know. I'm back. Feel better? Oh, yeah. So, [Unintelligible] was playing, huh? Yeah, and [Unintelligible]. Should I tape it? They'll play again, though Yeah. See, everyone plays three times, right? I guess I'll get ready to go So, the next party is the cable car party A surf party -- a surf party [Unintelligible] party My eyes are getting worse I was gonna go to the eye doctor tonight Oh, really? Uh-huh To get new glasses? -- Yeah, I was thinking about it. I like these, actually, but they fall off And, they pay? No. I mean, I actually, I'm probably due for some new ones The last pair I had pair I had to pay for myself I guess I can get free glasses every two years -- yeah, but they're really ugly. No one's gonna pay for them They're like the cheapies You know, if you wanna get a nice pair of glasses, you gotta pay something above and beyond What they pay You know, they all pay about $75 on the glasses, and the nice ones cost 300 This one was on the car today. She has contacts so you -- I think these were 500, actually Really? Yeah -- Damn. Contacts you can wear for 30 days But does just, she changes, oh one pair for 30 days? -- Uh-huh. And she got six pairs on sale for $60 So, I guess they're really usually six pairs for $120 Yeah, they're big ones, she said Okay, back to the bathroom Okay -- Are you okay? -- Yeah I washed my armpits Okay, I'm gonna get ready to go To the next party. I don't like this T-shirt Down, down, down Huh? Down, down down. I don't know what I'm gonna do with this thing, here. Can you just [Unintelligible] down your shirt? I guess I lost something Is there anything over here? One time I had it on my waist Oh, James! Clip it up here Like that? The question is: what are we taking? Convertible or what? Don't ask me I guess we could take the -- I don't have a convertible -- Who has the keys? Where are the keys? Oh, magic. How do you like that? From the sky! You wanna walk me to the car? No. So, the question is, are you -- What? -- When I get home tonight I guess, you're gonna stop at the door and just gonna go to bed, I guess. I thought -- No I hope they don't come and wake me up 'Cause I'm a terrible sleeper. Ok, I'm gonna come through the front And, uh, I know what, is gonna happen -- I'll leave that up to you guys to figure out But we're not gonna wake you up Later. Ok, shoes -- Have fun! To the jam. So, tomorrow. Come home -- Ok -- We eat leftovers, or I'll get something, or something Yeah, I'm not gonna cook. Right, ok. I mean, I could. Cook what? Well, there's cauliflower and -- No, there's no need to cook We'll figure out something Ok, I guess I should take a house key, also Always a good idea After we leave the jam, we're gonna stop by the Valley bar 'Cause I can't, I don't feel like talking anymore, really. Ok, goodnight! I love you. You're saying it's bulky to carry a book once? Isn't that easier to take the thing? What? Oh, 'cause once you get there you're gonna -- I can roll it. Those precious [Unintelligible] that I roll it It's, like, totally cool with the cabin Maybe I'll go out the front So I don't want us falling down the side stairs -- Yeah that would be a bad mistake Later, baby. Can I put it in the trunk? Is the trunk full? Oh it's full.

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James Bullock - San Francisco, USA - 17:00-18:00 (Global Lives Project, 2004)

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