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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~09:31:15 - 09:46:16

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-You used to wet your bed not so? -No! It's time for Chichewa lessons. Some of us know riddles, yes? Put away your books, it's time for Chichewa lessons. What is it we usually do on Fridays? We listen to riddles and tell puns. -Do we listen to riddles the whole day? -No! -We also talk about other things, don't we? -Yes! -Today we'll work with riddles. You know them, don't you? -Yes! Just stop that. Today, we'll have a riddle competition. You're seated in pairs, right? Let's do it like this, those on this end will be one team. And those on this side will be another team. Let's see. I'll be here. And you? You're with me, right? -Yes. -Nsima. Repeat that please, they didn't hear you. A Yao Riddle -I know. -Maize bran. -Um, where am I? -Here comes a riddle. -We're listening. I went up the hill and found some monkeys arguing, I'm the oldest, I'm the youngest. Tell it again! I went up the hill and found some monkeys arguing. I'm the oldest, I'm the youngest. That's the dialogue of pestles when two women are pounding maize alternately. My father's lion has no internal organs. A drum. -Where am I? -Here. Another riddle please. I have a car which drives fast uphill but is slow downhill. Say it again? I have a car which drives fast uphill but is slow downhill. We can't solve it. What is it? Tell us. A running nose, when you try to stop the mucus coming down. -A riddle? -We're listening. -What was that? Europeans are good at assembling airplanes. Yes, that was it. -A riddle? -We're listening. -You translate it. -All eyes should be here. Don't make up nonexistent riddles. -Riddle! -Say it. We can't hear you. [Yao riddle.] We can't hear you because people are laughing. That's Yao language. Yao language. -Yes. -Clay pot. Did you hear that? Didn't you hear that? You've failed. -Tell us the answer. -Crab. Banana. Please state your riddle in Chewa language. These people have started cheating. Go ahead, say your riddle. So you can't translate riddles in Yao? I cant translate in Chichewa I can't in Chichewa, they told me so. -You don't know how to translate from Yao to Chewa language. -I know, but the answer is banana. The first phase is not difficult, but the next phrases seems like... What did he say in the first paragraph? It's heavy. That's the way I was taught. -But you are saying they taught me wrongly. -Just sit down, you pompous person. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. Eh! No. -Should I translate? -Yes. -Translate. John, when donuts are fighting. Cakes do what to stop them fighting... Liar, liar, liar... Speak clear Chichewa so that people can translate. Even when you want to speak in Yao, it should be clear Yao for people to translate. I don't want lies. I also don't want unclear riddles. -Riddle? -Say it. Matches are in the garden. Corn. Tree leaves. Yes. 19 W 17. 19 W 17. 19 W. -Have you all failed? -Did you say 19 W 17? If this riddle is nonexistent, you'll fail to translate it. Tongue. -Tongue? -Yes. -A tongue creates voice. -Nonexistent, nonexistent, nonexistent... -Riddle? -Say it. -My two rabbits are lying on the side of a hill. -We didn't hear it. My two rabbits are lying on the side of a hill. It's a riddle in Chewa language. Ears. Ears. -Riddle? -Say it. -In Yao? We can't hear you. [unclear Yao dialogue] -Banana. -No. No... Peanuts. Nonexistent riddle, nonexistent riddle. This is ridiculous! You, you, you just keep making things up! -Riddle? -Say it. Two rolling. Like two jumping, jumping two? What, what are you saying? Have we finished all riddles? -Riddle? -Say it. [Yao riddle.] -What? -[Yao riddle.] -What did she say? -We didn't hear it properly. -[Yao riddle repeated.] -Did you hear it? Yes, he's written it. Yes! I love more. Riddle? I love you, I love more. -I love more. -I love you. Yes. What are those people looking at? Zacharia. I was walking, I found 1 tambala, I continued walking, I found 9 kwacha... I was walking, I found 1 kwacha, I continued walking, I found... -We didn't hear it. -Speak clearly. I was walking, I found 1 kwacha, I continued walking, I found 9 tambala... I was walking, I found 9 tambala, I continued walking, I found 9 tambala. A backward life. Have we finished all the riddles? -Riddle? -Say it. After we kicked and kicked him, we threw him away. Blantyre. -Is it our turn? -Yes! -Riddle? -Yes, go ahead. The journey goes this way, you go alone and you go the other way again. -A piece of maize flour meal. -He's saying a piece of maize flour meal.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason J. Price
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