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2016 Hamburgers Part1

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T: Hi, hey, 瓜瓜第一,你好。 1: 你好。 T: 没办法,(unclear),我要写瓜瓜,对不对?Ok, so for the first part of festivities, I'm gonna read you a sentence of English and you tell me how to say it in Chinese? 1: Ok. T: If you don't know, it's cool, just say pass or forget that or whatever. But I think you'll probably know a lot of them. They have a lot to do with hamburgers. Erm, how about he doesn't need hamburgers anymore? 1: 他不吃汉堡包了。 T: Lovely. How about did he eat two hamburgers? 1: Ok. 他吃汉堡包吗? T: Alright, who eats the hamburger? 1: Would it be, oh okay, 他是吃汉堡包。 T: Okay. There are hamburgers at mall wart. 1: 汉堡包在mall wart. T: That would mean, what, err, the hamburgers are at mall wart. How would you say there are hamburgers at mall wart? 1: Pass. T: Ok, no problem. Erm, when Bob eats hamburgers, Josh throws up. 1: Ok. T: They're weird, I know heheh. 1: Er, ok, Bob吃汉堡包,Josh呕吐。 T: Alright. 呕吐 it is. He doesn't eat hamburgers. 1: 他不吃汉堡包。 T: Where does he eat hamburgers? 1: Pass. T: I don't think your voice is recorded and neither is mine. That's very strange. Erm it's okay. Let's see, what did he eat? 1: 他吃什么? T: Ok cool. He didn't eat hamburgers. 1: 他不吃汉堡包。 T: He will eat a hamburger. 1: 他吃汉堡包。 T: He eats hamburgers with Josh. 1: 他吃汉堡包跟Josh。 T: And last but not least, he ate a hamburger. 1: 他吃汉堡包。 T: Cool. Okay structured. (unclear). Got one more thing to ask you, and that's one of these, do you take like Spanish or something in school? (unclear) 1: So, Latin. T: Latin, (unclear), but erm so I'm gonna give you situation, incredibly lame situation and we pretend that we're these people, alright? So I'm your Chinese friend, we're in Beijing, we need to decide what and where to eat. Now you know that I love to eat American fastfood like McDonalds or KFC. T: So I will start the conversation. So we're looking to get 5 turns, like I say something, you say something, 5 turns back and forth, okay? Erm eh, 瓜瓜你好,你想不想吃? 1: Er, 我很想吃,你想吃在KFC吗? T: Ohh, KFC好吃。但是今天我不想吃鸡肉。 1: Er, 你想吃McDonald's吗? T: Ohh, McDonald's. Hmm 好啊,我们去McDonald's好不好? 1: 我们去吃。 T: 你想吃什么? 1: 我想... T: 在McDonald's,你想吃什么? 1: 我不喜欢吃在McDonald's。 T: Ohh, 你不喜欢吃McDonald's,但是因为我喜欢,你吃吗?那McDonald's有什么好吃的? 1: McDonald's不好吃。 T: 哦不好吃。你不喜欢,哎哟。没关系,还是吃KFC好。吃KFC你喜欢吗? 1: 我喜欢KFC。 T: 你喜欢KFC的什么? 1: 为什么? T: KFC的什么? 1: KFC鸡肉。 T: 哦KFC的鸡肉好吃,对,没有牛肉huh? 1: Erm, KFC没有。 T: 没关系我们吃鸡肉好。 1: McDonald's有牛肉。 T: 但是你不喜欢? 1: 对的。 T: Ok好,那我们吃KFC。 1: Ok. T: Actually我们去cafeteria没办法,we're stucked. Cool! Your deal is over, excellent work. 1: Ok. T: 很好,谢谢瓜瓜。 1: 是,不客气。 T: Oh wow. 1: 谢谢。 T: Okay I need like two seconds. (unclear). Yeah I'm sorry. It's okay 没关系 (unclear), I just need to save the file. That's all. Okay so I need to save. Okay that's okay. And then I need to start a new project. T: I always need to say it (unclear) out loud because I can't do it if I don't do that. (unclear). It's okay, 她可以进来,没问题。Sorry I just have to save the file. And I'm like, I have to save the file omg, I've no idea. 请问你叫什么名字? 2: 我叫圆圆。 T: 圆圆?Ok,圆圆是不是?Okay, so first I'm gonna give you the most exciting test of the day. This is the best test ever. I'm gonna give you some sentences and they're all about hamburgers. So I'm gonna give you in English and just tell me how you would say it in Chinese. T: And if you don't know, that's fine, just say skip or go ahead or whatever. 没有关系。Ok erm, he doesn't eat hamburgers anymore. 2: 他不吃汉堡包,汉堡包,erm,他不吃汉堡包,erm... T: Something but you can't think of what? 2: Yeah. T: Okay we will skip into that, no problem. Did he eat 2 hamburgers? 2: 他吃两个汉堡包吗? T: Who eats the hamburger? 2: 谁吃汉堡包? T: There are hamburgers at mall wart. 2: Er, 在mall wart有汉堡包。 T: Alright. When Bob eats hamburgers, Josh throws up. 2: Erm... 1: I told you it was a great test. 2: Erm... 1: When Bob eats hamburgers, Josh throws up. 2: Erm, Bob吃,wait, Bob吃汉堡包,Josh呕吐。 T: He doesn't eat hamburgers. 2: 他不吃汉堡包。 T: Alright. Where does he eat hamburgers? 2: Erm, wait can you (unclear)? T: Sure. Where does he eat hamburgers? 2: Erm, 他吃,他在吃汉堡包? T: What did he eat? 2: 什么, err, 他什么吃? T: Okay. Erm he didn't eat hamburgers. 2: 他不吃汉堡包。 T: He will eat a hamburger. 2: 他吃汉堡包。 T: He eats hamburgers with Josh. 2: 他吃汉堡包跟Josh。 T: He ate a hamburger. 2: 他吃了汉堡包。 T: Alright. Awesome. Okay one more question and that is do you take a language in high school? Or in school? 2: (unclear) have in our high school is Spanish. T: Spanish. So you may have heard question like this. It's one of these things, I'm gonna give you situation and I'll be one person and you'll be the other person, you know what I mean? We'll try to go back and forth five times, something like that. T: Okay so, I'm your Chinese friend, just believe, I'm your Chinese friend. We're in Beijing. We need to decide what and where to eat. Now you know that I love to eat American fast food like McDonald's and KFC. So I'll start. 哦圆圆你好,你想不想吃东西? 2: 我想吃比萨。 T: 比萨,哦想吃比萨,但是Beijing的比萨不好吃。你想不想吃汉堡包? 2: Err, 我想吃汉堡包在McDonald's。 T: McDonald's,对啊我喜欢McDonald's。你想不想吃McDonald's?McDonald's有没有,因为汉堡包我不太喜欢,有没有鸡肉? 2: 鸡肉在McDonald's不好。 T: 哦McDonald's的鸡肉不好。那什么东西在McDonald's好? 2: Erm, 鸡肉汉堡包,猪肉不好在McDonald's。 T: 哦那我们吃牛肉汉堡包好不好? 2: 好。 T: 好, okay cool, excellent. Awesome job. We're (unclear). 谢谢你 2: 谢谢。 T: 谢谢,慢慢来。 T: (unclear). Okay 谢谢。哈喽,小龙。 3: 你好。 T: 小龙你好。Alright, we've an exciting exciting test experience for you today. The first part is called the exciting hamburger test. So I'm gonna give you some sentences in English, and theyre all about hamburgers. So if you can, tell me how to say them in Chinese. T: If you can't, if you don't know how to say, just say pass. 3: Okay. T: We don't neccessary expect you to know how to say all of them. So don't worry about it. 3: Okay. T: Okay and to start out, let's see, we'll write your name because that's a good thing to do. And if I could actually see the questions. I'm just reading questions off my sheet here but I'm not like. (unclear) or anything here. Okay, first one, he doesn't eat hamburgers anymore. 3: 他不吃汉堡包了。 T: Did he eat two hamburgers? 3: 他两个汉堡包吃吗?

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