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Mommy Morning Meditation Walk Through

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Posted by: cpelzer on Jun 7, 2018

Mommy Morning Meditation Walk Through With Keri Kavali

In this video, I will be walking you through a morning meditation.
We will be releasing our sleepiness and tiredness, and boosting our vital energy for the day. We will clear our minds of distractions and negative thoughts and replace our worries with calm, relaxing thoughts of happiness.

We will focus on our breath and we will remove toxins in our bodies from just simply taking the time out to breathe. From there, we will move forward to a light morning yoga practice. This will be a very gentle, easy yoga practice. A short and quick morning yoga stretch to heat up our body for the rest of the day.

We will end with setting an intention for the day, a wish or promise on what we want out of the yoga practice we completed. I also demonstrate a “smiling exercise” that I do from time to time to stretch my face muscles so that I can smile more. Because a cold face is such a waste of beauty and tells the world that you are closed off and do not want to be bothered. We must embrace wearing large smile to show the world, “welcome, I am open to sharing with you the kindness in my heart.”

Benefits of Meditation:

-Reduces Stress
-Improves Concentration
-Encourages Healthy Lifestyle
-Increases Happiness
-Improves Mood and Self-Esteem
-Increases Acceptance In What We Cannot Change
-Slows Aging
-Benefits Cardiovascular and Immune Health
-Lowers Blood Pressure
-Less Depression and Anxiety
-Boosts Brain Power, Memory and Cognitive Skills

Meditation and yoga has changed my life as a stay at home mom and wife. It has allowed me to be find my passion in Ayurvedic Health and Holistic Wellness. It has given me another insight on the beauty and fragility of life. Raising my children has gotten easier for me, my love for myself has grown exponentially, my marriage is thriving and abundance has poured down on me. The Universe (God) has given me everything I ever wanted and I want to share this practice with you because I want the very same for you.

Keri Kavali.

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