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Science in Seconds - Space Tourism

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Science in Seconds Know Everything RAVES - Space Tourism Brit Trogen: Every little kid dreams of one day flying off into the stars. And now for the discount price of 200,000 dollars, that dream can be a reality...for two and a half hours. Yes, space tourism is finally descending from the realm of the multimillionaire. And it's expected to descend much faster in the next few years, eventually dropping to an estimated 20,000 dollars per flight. It's a significant improvement on previous offers. Starting with businessman Dennis Tito in 2001, who paid 20 million dollars for a one week stay on the International Space Station, the price tag for commercial space flight has always ranged between 20 and 35 million. The obstacle up until now has been the development of a safe and reusable commercial launch vehicle. Past space tourists or private astronauts have sort of piggybacked onto other space missions, which these days are becoming a rarity. The company making this offer is Virgin Galactic, which plans to launch specially built rocket planes from Spaceport America, the first commercial spaceport currently under construction in New Mexico. Seated aboard the VSS Enterprise with five other passengers, you will ascend to just over 109 kilometers, reaching a speed of Mach 3 and experiencing about six minutes of weightlessness. Granted this is suborbital space flight, but since the technical boundary for space is the Karman line at 100 km above the Earth's surface, it still counts. And with numerous other companies like Space Adventures and Space Island Group also competing for a share of the market, the space flight of the future may eventually be no more costly than a cross-continental flight, though, hopefully, with a better movie selection. Courtesy of Science in Seconds – All rights reserved Only for educational/non-profit purposes. (Translators are invited to put their name here)

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The past, present and future of tourism in space.

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