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Basak Taner - Istanbul, Turkey - Turkish (Global Lives Project, 2013) - 18:00:00-18:29:59

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I'm leaving tomorrow morning, yes. -- Aww, poor you. -- Aww, we have to pack up for you. Yeah. -- What time are you leaving in the morning? -- Around 10. Yeah. But what time will you be at the airport? No, I'll be in the airport at 11, I'll leave at 9. Yummy potato is coming. Yum-yum. Very good. Honey, I wonder whether I can take one of your hair clips? Well, I bought the Moscow book today. -- Here it is. Yeah, you did? -- I did. -- Let me tie my hair up? I bought a book for Zeynep, too. -- Is that all right? But I'll have a tiny little ponytail now. My hair is not long as yours. They say that it can be in Saint Petersburg. -- What? -- Look, how do I look now? Do you need help love, Başak? You keep cooling those drinks before they get warm. -- Okay. Cheers my love. My fatty bird. -- Where is Zeynep's book? Look it's behind you. Where, ohh! Look what's here? Başak be careful. When she snezees, she spits out everything in her mouth on you. Today, she did it to Mine. I hope it's not going to happen to me. What's that? Jam. It sticks. She's eating it all, right? Let me see, Zeynep would you turn the page? Turn the page. There's something there. Turn it. What is it, Zeynep? Apple. -- It's not apple, that's strawberry. Would you look at it? Would you touch it? Oh, hahaha. The seeds of the strawberry. What a nice book it is. Here honey. It smelled the food. -- Shameless dog. Listen what I'm gonna say. Bring a tea saucer and let's put some yoghurt on it. Huh? --Yea, it should eat a little bit. -- But it's not good for it. At least it won't jump on to the table. Zeynep, What's there? Is there a bear? Yum-yum. Are you eating bread? But don't throw it. We're eating the bread, right? -- No! -- Don't, don't, don't. Cüneyt, it says learning by touching. Something... Huh? Yeah, yeah. I saw that strawberry is ragged and evereything. -- Yeah. Where did it fall? Is Reçel eating it? Dad. No, we're eating now. -- Reçel. -- Dad. Yum-yum. But we're eating. Yum-yum, you finished it? Look what's coming. Carrot is coming. I called the bank. Mama, dad. Dad. Dad is there, mommy. Come here, look at me. Come here Zeynep, look at me. We're eating now, we're gonna go to dad when we finish eating. Hey! Man! -- Come, come, come. -- Silly. Walk away. Zeynep, look. You saw that? The cat came and tried to eat your food. If you don't eat it, the cat will. Can we make an adjustment? Let me see. How delicious yoghurt I made. God bless my hands. Yum-yum, cheers my love. Is it good? It's good, right? Mom made it for you. My love. I made it so that my daughter can guzzle it. Is it good? That's my girl. Here let me put it again. You put it in your mouth. Great job, my bird. Hop. And now. Man! I'm locking it, my love. -- Come, come, come. Come here, come here. But I opened the window so that fresh-air could get into the room. No, the window... -- Anyway we hold it so it can't go there. We're taming it to behave like this. Behave like what? To get on the table. No way. Oh don't let it get used to get on the table. Right? Look, it's shameless. -- Because it's in its soul. It's so fast, so fast. -- Being shameless is in its soul, yes. Because being a street cat is in its genes. But the window is open. Honey is she eating her yoghurt, Başak? -- Hmm, she's eating. Come on, you feed me mommy now. Yum-yum. Oh I couldn't bite it. Thank you. Open your mouth. Zeynep, you can't throw the bread away, you know? I didn't give them to you so that you can play with them. Mom is gonna clean it. All right, love. Throw it away, yeah throw all of them away. Make them smaller, even smaller. Well done, great job. Throw that away, too. Yes. Oh! It's gone. -- Aww please don't, don't hit it. What happened? Why are you hitting? -- Because it was behaving shamelessly. Aha! He grabbed it from the back of its neck. -- Your husband is a supporter of violence. No, he's like that. Oh, I spilled the yoghurt. Oh, Zeynoş. Here, open your mouth love. Mom fucked up. But mommy. What happened? Yoghurt is spilled everywhere, love. Where else is it spilled? Let me look, it's spilled there? Aww those tiny legs are covered in yoghurt. Come here, let's clean there too. Let me see, where else is it spilled love? Oh wait, let me clean it. -- Başak, do you want napkin? Let me bring it? No, no. I got it. -- You got it? Okay. Before mom steps on it... Here. Mom. -- Mommy. What happened, my love? It's a trick. So how will Başak go? What is gonna do with the girl? -- She can come with us. To where? -- To the wedding honey, to Moda Spor Kulübü. Feriday said... She said make her wear that dress and bring her. I'm turning back on 12. 13 is thursday. 14... -- No, 13 is friday 13 is friday, 14 is saturday. -- There is this Şükrü's wedding. On friday. The wedding is on 13th. But we're going to Şükrü's wedding. -- Of course. Başak, should I tell them that you can't make it, then? I mean yeah. -- Why is not Başak going? No, we're going. But what about the girl? She will be sleepy so ... But Zeynep! What's going on? You don't want mince? You don't want mince. I got it. Let's eat without mince. Cüneyt, take a look at Yumak. It's stuck in the room. Listen, it's meowing so loud. Yumak is meowing. -- I'm going Başak, love. Başak, if you invite Mrs Ayten to come over would she come on saturday? What's on saturday? She's coming on friday already, mom. You're not here on friday. So um, she can't come on friday and on saturday too? I mean she can. Why wouldn't she? I'm not sure if I want to get tired two nights in a row. Ozan is a kid you love, right? Are you gonna exploit my emotions? Noo, I'm not but... You love Ozan, right? -- Of course, I love Ozan. You spent your childhood together. Yeah he's younger than me, he's like my brother. Why wouldn't I love him? We'll see, mom. Zeynoş open your mouth. Yoghurt is coming. Open your mouth. Are you gonna hold it? Yum-yum. What's on television? Maya the Honey Bee? Başak, did you talk to Eyüp? How is it doing? It's fine. It's dressed. He's giving it antibiotic. It's gonna be fine. Luckily it's not dead. No mince. Don't make me angry! Dad. -- Don't say dad right away. Sure, when mom gets angry. You are so vigilant, Zeynep Taner. Don't act like a cute baby now. Here you go, potato. Oh, it spilled on your hand. It spilled spilled on your hand. Hop. Oh, oh, let me see. Wait a minute. Zeynoş. Is it Maya the Honey Bee there? Yes, mommy. It is Maya the Honey Bee. Here it is our tubby. Reçel! Will it get on table? It's gonna eat the crumbs on the floor, I guess. It's playing. You, miserable soul. You're eating the best cat foods. It's eating the crumbs in the meantime. Zeynoş come here. Zeynoş. Knock knock, who's there? Who's there? Who's there? Are we there yet? You hold it. Here, you hold it. You hold it, take it into your mouth. There's a lot there mom. I mean there's a lot of bread there. Here my angel. -- I mean it would be nice if you could clean all the house. Why? Clean all the house? The house has been cleaned. Oh, bless you. Oh, bless you, my angel. A window or somewhere is open? Looks like it's draughting. Let's do it like that, my love. Let's draw the curtains like this. It is night. Let's put these into their places. She almost finished it. She ate most of it, honey. She ate it, yeah. -- Is she sniveling? Don't throw it. You threw it. Why did you throw it? Zeynoş, I'm eating the last two spoons of yoghurt that left of you. I made it really good. Should I open a yoghurt shop? Mom. Open your mouth. The last carrot is coming. Here, here. You take it. I'm giving it to Reçel. Reçel will eat it. Here. Here, come on. Here, Reçel won't eat. My girl will eat it. Zeynep is done with her food. Would you say bravo? You enjoyed your meal. You enjoyed your meal. You enjoyed your meal. What's left? Let's clean the ones on the floor. Okay, Ms Zeynep you enjoyed your meal. Wait, mommy. Come here, look at me. I'm gonna put you down. I'm gonna make you jump. Look at me. I'm gonna make you jump. Wait. Wait a minute, you're stuck. Wait. I'm gonna give you syrup, all right? -- Okay. Okay. There there there. My fat bird. Here you go. Come on walk away now. Walk, wander around, hang out. Honey, let's attach it? Come. Which one? Attach it to this? Which one do we attach it? Attach it to this? Come on hand it. Reçel, what are you doing? Miserable. Here eat it, too. Here. Stupid. Honey Başak, would you wipe the floor with this wet wipe? Come on sweetheart. Why mom? Please just wipe it. Ugh! There's nothing there. -- Come on just do it. Do what I say. Ugh! Bring a bucket of water. Let me clean all the house, mom. There's nothing on the floor. So what? There's only bread. What is it Zeynoş? There's nothing here. Okay, it's done too. Zeynep, Bravo Zeynep. Zeynep finished her food. Bravo. Bravo. Mom. Mom. Honey. -- Reçel, come here. Mom, you didn't take out the garbage. Yes? I will, i'll start with the toilet. Don't you worry. No, I'll do it now. I'll do it. Come on, don't get sad. Zeyno, come. Come here. Zeynoş. Mom. My love. Come, Reçel. Come on go, look at Reçel, Zeynep. What is it doing? Reçel is playing with grandad I think. Come on, you go play too. Don't you, mommy? Zeynep. Mom. -- Yes, honey? Would you get them? -- Umm let me get them, honey. Just a minute. She's curious about closing doors lately. Oh she's so strong. Stop! Honey. Come, no. Come, honey. Stupid, you're so sweet. Shameless dog. Go to living room, walk away. Walk away, go to living room. Mom. -- Mommy. Come. Come, let's look at the garbage in the bathroom. Let's check whether they're full. Come on. Come. Zeynep! There's cat food there, Zeynep. No, no. Come. You come with me. Come on let's take this. You pooped and peed all of it, honey? Great job. Come, come, come, come. Stop, stop, stop. Stop here, come. How much sniveling you are, honey. Let's clean it nicely. Would you hold your hands under the water, Zeynep? No, no, no. Hold your hands. Oh look at that vigilant girl. You learned that. Look now. Where is this hand? Here, here you play with that soap bottle. Mommy, let's clean it nicely so... Okay, it's almost done but really it's almost done. You're right. Open. Great job. You're done. No, it doesn't belong there. Just a minute look at me. Let's dry your hands. Give me your other hand. Give it mommy, that's my girl. Let me see your face, your face, your face. Let me see, let me see, let me see. There. Give it. We're gonna take it away and throw it. We're gonna bring the new one here. Come, my love. Wait, let me see if it's full. Two footed. Four footed came, too? Oh how great. Come my love. Let it go. We're gonna bring a plastic bag. Come on, walk. Go to the kitchen. Reçel, you go out too mommy. Come on, come on Zeynep you too. There is three people in this house and noone is helping. Thank you so much. What happened, honey? -- Reçel is behind me and Zeynep too. And I'm trying to do something here. Just watch them for two minutes. But umm she's saying "Mom, mom". -- But umm mom. Manage to entertain her! Mom, mom. Come here girl. Mom! -- But all right Zeynep, I'm here. Come daddy. Where is mom? But don't cry. Mom! -- Mommy. Where is mom? In the kitchen? Oh why wouldn't I kiss? Wait, I cleaned her nose. -- You did? Let me see how is your nose? Let me see your nose. Where are you going? You want to turn back to streets? Idiot. Come on, come here. What? Should we do like this? My little bird. Look, who's there. The cat. Did you see? What is it doing, the cat? All right. Reçel. Come on. Reçel, out! Why did you take down the mask? Well, the cat did. Reçel jumped there? -- Yeah it jumped there, Başak. No way! -- No, I took it down. I did, I did. You did? -- It can't jump that high. Come on, is it nice Zeynep? -- Give me that for a second. Where is that stupid Reçel? Reçel. Where is it? -- It was around there. Show what we did to mom. Show it to mom. -- Reçel, hey! Mom look what I've done to my daughter. You're a tricksy. You don't let me do it. Reçel, here is a ball for you. Oh let's give you Peditus. But Zeynep if you really pull that off... Come here. -- It's coming off already. Umm, the end of it should be cut, Başak. Umm, so that it would fit more. No, no it's fine. It's all right. Come on Zeynep, we're gonna give you Peditus. -- Shall we take medicine? Where's my beautiful girl, my beautiful girl. Food, food. Shall we eat grape, grape? Shall we not eat grape? Grape? Shall we eat banana? Cüneyt, should we turn the air conditioner on? -- Sure, dad. Zeynep! Zeynep, come! Come, mommy. Shall we come, mom? Yes, yes. Let's give that syrup. -- Come on here you go. Zeynep, come. Food. -- Would you look, Zeynep? Eat it. Eat it, great job. That's my girl. It dripped on you a little bit. -- It's all right, we'll wash it. Come on, one more time yum-yum. Open your mouth big. Swallow. -- Swallow, swallow, swallow. Cheers my bird. -- A little more. A little more. Lick it, too. -- Don't leave it. Not like that. Not like that. -- Mom told it wrong. Right. Like that. Swallow, swallow, swallow mom. Drink it like soup. -- Well done. Should we do a little bit more? Don't let your clothes get dirty. We're not giving more? No, that's enough. It was already too much. Come on, let's take off this. Hop. Come on giddy up! Say giddy up! -- Giddy up! -- Giddy up! Oh! -- Oh come on cat! Reçel. Hey! -- Out, out. Let's look for grape? Let's look for grape. Is there grape in the fridge, Başak honey? -- I have no idea. Shall we eat grape, Zeynep? Or shall we eat banana? -- Cüneyt, I think it's your phone, dear. That's right. Cüneyt, we're gonna pack up for you. -- Yes. Oh God. Would it be finished today? Anyway just eat banana! We gave Peditus. -- No. We're gonna give Medikal sometime. -- It's on 16. Would it be too late? -- We're leaving those. Mom. -- Look, they are in line, too. Where is mom? -- Look, let's fix them too. -- I got it. I mean I won't say anything. Okay? Let's fix them too. No, no. I'm going to Thailand directly tomorrow. Come. -- Honey, tell me sweetheart. Is that pufpuf? -- Noo, no. I was just sitting there. If you could play with Zeyno for fifteen minutes before she goes to bed... I'll pack up for Cüneyt. -- Huh? I want to have the night for me when she is asleep. -- All right, okay. Fine. There. -- Where? Okay. Serve us too what you did. -- No, I didn't. Really.Come here, smell it if you want. Come here. There's nothing. You're a liar. -- Oh, please. I really didn't do it. Professional liar. Is Reçel there? Man! Walk away. Yumak used to hide in here, too. Walk, walk inside. Walk, I have a thing to do. I'm not gonna come after you. Kitchen is not allowed for cats. Come on. Mom, take this tiny out of my sight. Come here kiddo. -- Başak honey should I lock it? Is it good, mommy? -- Let's have some more. No. Was it good? Enough mommy. That was it. What is this t-shirt doing here? There is a Peditus spot on it. -- Let me put it in the washing machine then. I'm gonna tell you something. Shall we sleep? I cleaned your nose. There's nothing left to do right now. -- Joking. Slipped down from my arm. Come, mommy. -- No, it's okay mommy. Come, come, come. Brother. -- Brother is there. Come, let's look at the fish with you, come. -- Dad, she wouldn't get chills. Come, let's look at the fish. -- Grandad. Grandad.

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Basak is busy with her daughter.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Basak Taner, a pharmaceutical delivery person in Istanbul, Turkey. Produced by Mutlu Vrysopoulos, Onur Aldogan, Huseyin Kok, Orhan Caliskan, Mert Aldogan, Semih Gur, Suphi Uzun and Muhammed Genc, this video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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