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the fisherman

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This is where I live down here at the bottom in the darkness. Being a fisherman wasn't exactly all I'd hoped for in life, but that's what I do. It isn't fair, but some people have to be at the bottom. Surely we all start out in the same boat, thinking we can go and to make something of ourselves in the world, be someone important, rise to the top but it's too late when you see the trap close around you and you realize you were never really free. But I find comfort in the words of our Lord Jesus who said to his Apostles, "I will make you make you fishers amongst men." Now this fish was different to the others: Jesus, she was gorgeous! I couldn't just toss her down with the rest of them, but not wanting to let her go I had a notion to keep her as a pet so I could see her beautiful light every day. But then I found that I couldn't stop looking. I no longer bothered with the fishing work and I sat for hours staring into the light. And then suddenly I could see clearer, it felt good to be cleverer. And I wanted more! I could feel myself becoming more intelligent, and understanding things that before had been hidden in darkness. Finally I had the knowledge that all those clever people at the top had. I could be more than just a fisherman, I could be a genius, somebody important, somebody above all the rest! But it wasn't enough, I needed more. What if I were to swallow her down? Then I'd have it all. Then I'd know the truth, and be set free. And then all those clever people would know that I had the edge on them that I was above them. And everyone would see that, and they would come to me, and they would bow down to me and apologize for all the nasty hurtful things that they said about me. And they would say that I was more than just a fisherman. I was their God! And then I felt all the wisdom in the world at my disposal, and realized that I was totally ... unprepared.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 43 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Director: ferg brennan
Views: 120
Posted by: vladis on Apr 27, 2012

imaginative cartoon

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