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I - What is Auschwitz - 4/ The evidence, the famous holes (4/15)

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Now, let's confront this thesis to the reality as it can be seen today. Admittedly, before evacuating Auschwitz, the Germans dynamited the crematoriums, but these are still visible in ruins, in particular crematoriums 2 and 3 and in these ruins, the roofs of the underground rooms are visible. But, when examined, one can not see any hole which would correspond to those on the photo shown earlier. Admittedly, in the crematorium 2 roof - where 400,000 people would have been gassed - there is indeed 2 holes crudely made, but these holes, you can see them now, here in the circles, they do not correspond to the 4 holes visible on the picture of August 25, 1944. The position of the second, in particular, is very different from the others. In his anti-revisionist work, beside, Jean-Claude Pressac was forced to admit it. He wrote: "But, the positions of the 2 holes which can be seen today, do not correspond to the one we note on the American photography of August 25, 1944." The excuse cited by Jean-Claude Pressac according to which the roof would have greatly moved during blasting, fails. Indeed, simple measurements on the ruins show in obvious way that these 2 holes do not correspond to the 4 visible ones on the picture. Add to this, that if four marks appear well on the photo of August 25, 1944, they disappear completely on another picture taken less than 3 weeks after, on September 13, 1944. Here we see nothing, not the slightest stain. Some will say that these 4 marks are the shadows of the introducer and they disappeared from the September 13 picture, because there was no sun. This explanation does not hold for two reasons: First, look at the shadow of the main chimney on the ground, it has a different direction from what should be the 4 small chimney shadows, which is impossible. Next, look at the September 13, 1944 picture, here again the main chimney has a shadow on the ground, therefore, it is not clear why the 4 introduction small devices do not project their shadow as well. The conclusion is obvious: at least until September 1944, there was never any holes in the roofs of crematoriums 2 and 3 rooms presented today to have been homicidal gas chambers. This simple fact is enough to reject the official thesis according to which, 700,000 people would have been gassed in these crematoriums 2 and 3 between 1943 and 1944. "Say it to your children" Shoah story in Europe, 1933 - 1945

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I - Qu'est-ce que Auschwitz - 4/ La preuve, les fameux trous (4/15)

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