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- You show me... - One of them is the very end of the song, that's especially easy. I've got notes already on the song...the way the arrangement used to be, so unless they're new guitars... You got all the notes on what happens where and that's pretty accurate. - So just show me the bits. - The two spots are the way it gets into the last chorus and the very, very end of the song. So play the very ending of the song. That's the easiest thing to recognise. They're both pretty obvious. That's the new ending. Now play it the way that the band heard it. - So instead of... - Right, just heavy, short. And the other thing is going into the third chorus so play the short section...the way Rick hears it. - OK. - There's a gap before the last chorus. Now play it the way the band set it up. - So there's an extra guitar riff and boom right in. - Right. - OK. - It's pretty straightforward. Yeah, it sounds like... Is there some stuff clipped off at the front of that chorus? - On which version? - On the new version with the space? - That's what we were just working on. - OK, right. So, Rick's comment was, "This sounds truncated" is the word he used. So, we're trying to figure out what the problem is. Oddly, the thing that the band did is more manufactured than this. There was actually a gap before the chorus. Yeah, it sounded like it was in the vocal tune. The vocal, that's possible. We were just doing it solo. I feel like... I put a little noise in there because all the guitars were being super-silent so this something you could always do too. It sounds like...the way the drums start is really odd. Yeah, isn't there a breath or something in there.

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Posted by: brynarth on Sep 9, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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