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Wake Up To Your Powerful Mind

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How many of you have been called a rotten name before? How many of you called other people rotten names before? How many of you have actually hit or struck another human being before? We're all involved in the flow of words and actions as negative energy in some way Either we're producing rotten words, we call that a criminal or a bully or receiving the rotten words, we call that a victim or we're watching the words go by. We call that a bystander. We're all involved in the flow of this energy in some way. If we produce it, we blame other people and we justify our actions. Yeah, our's is ok. Yeah, they made me that way. They made me mad. It's all a lie! We're sleeping It's time we all wake up and begin to understand how to create a powerful mind It's our responsibility, it's your responsibility to learn how to create your own powerful mind Stop living in a reactionary space in your brain Today You are going to fully understand that each and everyone of us have the same amount of power You have the power to create a powerful mind Just because you hear another person speak or you see their actions does not mean their meaning or their words belongs to you! From this day forward You are going to use your powerful mind to choose Choose who you will be Just because you see other people and hear them does not mean they have power over you Unless, you give it to them! From this day forward You create You! Use the power that was given to you at birth Stop sleepwalking through your life! I'm the Peacemaker and this is your wake up call

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Duration: 3 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Producer: The Scary Guy
Director: The Scary Guy
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Posted by: gazradioshow on Apr 28, 2011

Internationally acclaimed behavior expert, The Scary Guy, teaches how to process words and actions instead of automatically reacting to them.

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