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HG GMM Animation Power Of One FINAL 1

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It’s our joint mission to delight consumers by conserving the goodness of nature We want to take consumers back to the very instant in which ripe and tasty fruit and vegetables are picked and harvested from orchards and fields In essence little has changed since two Swiss gentlemen Henkel and Roth founded hero back in 1886 Even today we still live by those founding principles and this is paid dividends 2017 has been a good year for us Even more it has been our best profitable growth year so far But the world is changing rapidly We have to stay on top of our game because consumers are changing Growth is challenging Costs are harder to control And employees are increasingly looking for a more modern connective working place We have to adapt to become more connected ourselves More integrated We are now striving to work closer as one group One company This is the power of one Because an integrated way of working drives efficiency And focus drives excellence So what do we have to change to become better at things we do? Our focus will be on taking our lead categories onto wide spaces in existing geographies and markets For example launching BTF in Germany or healthy snacks in Brazil We will create more opportunities for growth By making gluten free a leading category And expanding jams to natural spreads We will use consumer insights to create bigger better innovation And design a clear process to improve efficiency and success In Europe from July 2018 we will shift from a local to a central supply chain It will make us more efficient This will in turn allow our countries to focus on sales And become world class commercial organizations We will create a global export organization Starting with the two European hubs from in July 2018 From Jan 2018 we will strengthen our European clusters bringing companies closer To maximize regional and portfolio synergies and drive efficiency In the latter half of 2018 the central IT organization will be established And we have defined an IT road map so our digital security connectivity and communication will improve In addition we will standardize all key functional processes Whilst some thinking has been done these changes are directional And now the real work begins to put detailed plans in place to make it happen This will involve you With this focus and integrated style of working We will not only drive efficiency We will drive excellence And realize sustainable and profitable growth This is the power of one This is Hero Join us in our journey to become a stronger more innovative and more efficient family And use that power of one to fulfill our joint mission to delight consumers by conserving the goodness of nature

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Posted by: nadinetarek on Feb 26, 2018

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