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Dakota Fanning Interview

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Dakota what do you think of all of the attention now you're getting as an actress? You know I jsut have so much fun with what i do, and I just love it so much you are.. have been working with a lot of big stars. who's your favorate star to work with? I don't think ever pick my favorate ??? so nice and so great and done defferent kind of movies with them so I love them all Tell me about Dreamer what's the story about? Well Dreamer, It's about, you know, three generations of horsemen and one is me and My father is a horse trainer and i just love everything he do with horses and my father has kind of had some bad luck in horse business and he's kind of trying to push me out of it but i loved it so much and i determined to get into the business and there's one horse kind of brings our whole family together your charactor really had a connection with sonia / yes tell me about that well i think she.. my charactor really believed in that horse and she knew that she could you know race again and because of my bileaf in her she kind of.. we both had a really special bond how much preparation did you do in learning about horses for this movie? i've worked a lot of weeks of training and riding and learning about racing and all the ??? taking care of horses and all that stuff so was fun and very interesting had you been on a horse before this movie? no i hadn't it was my first time so.. my grand mother and grand father had 400 acre farm with a lot of horses on there so i heard stories but i've never had.. had ridden one in this movie really broadout a love for horses didn't it for you? definitely i have a horse now now um.. Kurt gave me a horse named Goldie that's pretty special thank 'cos you were planning on buying a horse right? well i'd just.. i'd always after movie i was just i wanted one and i was thinking oh if i've gotta horse i'll get palomino when i was playing and buying one then Kurt got one for me so tell me about your horse i ??? the palomino ??? horse named Goldie and ??? year now and he's five how often do you get a chance to ride it? every weekend i'll go ride / oh that's great they to be evacuated though in california 'cos there are some wild fire ??? my horses to be evacuated ??? / ok tell me about what was like to work with Kurt Russell and Kris Kristofferson? it was incredible i mean to work with someon who is so.. 2 peaple that are still amazing and ??? Kris is talented with music and an acting so sort of him just like double lasing and it was ??? Kurt was just ??? because he is so.. such a amazing actress ??? so long this movie ??? more than just a story about a horse isn't it? it's about relationships / definitely it's about relationships ??? deferent people ??? i think it's such a special movie that everyon can go see and everybody would take away you know a nice meanig and and when you work ??? it's really good ??? did you become a horse rasing fan as a result ??? watch horse rasing now? i think ??? always kind of watch you know ??? derby and you know everything like that would always watch ??? but definitely didn't ??? let me ask you about having this movie shown in the heartland film festival here in the ??? what was that mean to you? oh it's so exciting i was so glad that i was here and ??? festival so nice and i'm so happy ??? to see you you're 11? / yes you've complished so much as in a 11 year old what your goal as an actress? ??? keep acting forever ??? you know defferent parts so defferent charactors and get to do lot of thing i win get to do in my middle of life / ok so my 2 daugters 2.. i've got 3 kids but 2 my daughters my 14 year old wants to know what's it like to work with a big star you've worked with many big stars she wants to know what it's like you know they're always so nice ??? feel so comfortable around them ??? so excited to meet them and especially Kurt just came at my family and my 12 year old girl wants to know which actress do you most admire? Jodie Foster / why is that? well she was.. she was ??? she started out at my age and as an adult she was acting you know she ??? direct so i ??? like her

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Posted by: hatahata on Oct 3, 2008

Dakota Fanning talks about the movie "Dreamer". i'm not good at english so could anyone help me out to fix and complete the transcription?

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