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C8L3: Drop & Angle Volleys

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I know drop and angle volleys are feel and touch just as well as the last lesson we had. I like to separate them because first of all you are taking it out of the air and second of all its a great chance to finish a point off. Where feel usually sets a point up for you. So in this case its just like on the big ground strokes and the big volley's the leverage and the connection to you center and periphery right. That is what gives you your best feel just as well it gives you your greatest power. What you want to remember to do is see there he was wide all these he is wide which makes it much easier to get good touch. He has to slowly reach out into the 45 see there how he is connected to his center everything is facing the 45 after he makes contact. Now watch here on this one the ball gets a little close to Warren he backs up not quite enough look at his bent elbow. See now his body is disconnected to his arm he didn't get quite far away from that ball. He is not lined up to the 45 so he tries to reach out to the 45 with just the use of his wrist and he looses all of his feel and and all of his touch. You really want to remember its a body shot, lets take a look again here. So look at this he has gone too wide see that he is over committed he is almost facing the side so he can't even finish the stroke. He lost track of the present and the future, its all his arm going out there independently with out any connection to the body. So even though he has some decent direction here he has no power or no feel so he really doesn't know how to get depth on the ball even though the ball had pretty good direction on it. The only way to do all of these things I am telling you is to go slowly, think in slow motion. When you are up at net and you are going for these angle of drop volleys think in slow motion because you want to get out to the 45, see that he missed again. You can tell when he feels like he not connected to his body and its all wrist. You want to get out to the 45 and you want to be connected to your center which means move slowly because thats the way you are going to get the best leverage. See look at this one he moves slowly and he gets out there and his arm keeps dragging into the 45 as his body stays connected to the 45. That is when you get your best touch is when you feel the touch from the center of your body and your arm doesn't have to do that much. Those little flick drop shots the kids try where they just bend their elbow and straighten their elbow like that. One they don't work even though you think you can get out to the 45 you really want to to be connected to the center of your body. I thought one more thing would be interesting see that shot that is what I call severe back spin. That is when you can actually make it come to the other side of the net. The key here is stay round, and slow and connected but you want to come up the back side of that ball see that. See how my arm actually comes up the back side that is how round you stay. Thats good shot to practice. You could even have the kids practice by feeding the ball to the other side of the net standing very closely with some back spin and trying to make it come back to their side of the court. Good luck with that.

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The wave into touch.

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