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Why do you wear an anklet? Sadhguru

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when people come to the ashram when they come full time or they come to do certain sadhanas we don't tell them why only now in the last few years we have started talking about it, all these years we never spoke about it somebody comes I always give them a copper ring to wear they cannot remove it. it must always be there on their finger, on their left hand ring finger why this is, is when they do very intense sadhanas, you know what is A samadhi samadhi means sama and dhi sama means equanimous, dhi means buddhi the equanimous state of intellect when intellect becomes equanimous there is no duality when there is no duality, when you don't know which is me and which is you now your life energies do not know where to be so they may go anywhere so the point of contact with the body becomes less and less it can be brought down to a point where your point of contact with the body is just one pointed when somebody becomes one point of contact we say nirvikalpa samadhi if somebody, if a person is in this state if I just do this he will leave the body for good even a pin prick is enough just prick him with the pin he will leave the body he will be in a such a fragile state his contact with the body is so minimal, he is elsewhere already but, just one point contact with the body this is known as samadhi when people are in such states we keep them in protective atmosphere very very tightly protective atmospheres nobody is allowed to go there except a few people who are prepared for such situations but when we do certain work, one of the thing was the consecration of the dhayanalinga we were required to be, people who are involved were required to be in such states of samadhi but at the same time they were required to be intensely active which is very risky people can very easily leave the body one moment of unawareness they can leave the body and they may not be sometimes able to regain the body so certain precautions were taken, everything was done, but when it was coming to a close certain situations happened which he had to face in so many ways and I had always set my life in such a way, once the lingam consecration is over, I will leave I planned my life that way, everything was settled that way you know all preparations were made for me to leave but because of certain situations, certain changes that happen in that situation we made efforts to recover the body in the process of consecrating the lingam I used my body and my energies so blatantly those who have seen me before or if you see my pictures you will see in just about eight to nine months, I aged almost twenty five to thirty years you will see my pictures you know in eight months time I have aged almost 25 to 30 years because we used the system so blatantly because I never planned to live beyond that I had my body completely ruined but the time I finished the consecration you should see my medical reports my blood work and other cat scan and other things everyday doctors who are you know diagnosing me with some bizarre disease which is no way to recover or something like that I've not been in any treatment in the last four years we've been working on the system today it's much better accordingly my activity is increasing and I've not been inactive, I have been constantly active these four years but it was quite something to keep the body going but now it's so much better, it's not hundred percent yet still on some kind of support system but it is so much better, it's recovered so metal, if you have metal on your body you will not leave the body accidentally that's why ring is always put on people who are doing intense sadhanas unknowingly they may leave the body so people who are afraid that I will leave and they put a shackle on me (laugh) (laugh)

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru explains the state of samadhi, the precautions taken and the affects the consecration process can have on ones body especially pertaining to the consecration of the Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple. (AO41)

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