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09 ran

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I'd like to let you know the taste of the really delicious grilled meat. -You know, I go to steak houses quite often! -Yeah, I though so, but I am no stranger to grilled meat too... Is it OK to show this face to fans? Yes. This Is Anago from "Sazae-san". [That being said...] [Grilled meat rebellion] -We have a surprise guest! -Eh, who?! -With this guest we may make 3 episodes! -Are you serious? Big guest! Sorry, but we're filming here... It's Aoki-san! -Look at her face. -Please make it at least 1 mm happy. [And another one!] -Another special guest... -Eh?! -Arrived? -Yes. -I think you'll like this guest. -Really? But it's not Kojiharu. There is no way Kojiharu-san would come to this show. -I think you'll be happy seeing this guest. -I am not expecting much anymore. I think she'll make viewers happy too. -Fukuda-san, hello! -Ah, Miyuki! Miyuki! Miyuki-chan! -Miyuki, what are you doing here? -I've been called. -Yes. -Miyuki-chan! I am really happy! I feel completely different now. Yey! -Finally in "Sashihara's Rebellion"... -A semi-regular Milky! -It's "Sashihara's Rebellion", right? -Yes. We've been talking about you all the time. I thought you'd like to come. So I am happy now! Thank you very much. -Milky, we've been eating grilled meat here. -Join us. - Ah, with pleasure. Sashihara's Rebellion "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. Cheers! -Hooray, Milky came! -Aoki-san became silent. Fan of Kojimako. Are you a fan of Kojimako? -He used to be your fan... -He was famous for being your fan. I am still known for being her fan. Well, somehow, -he felt like you went far away after entering Senbatsu, -And photo book was already published. so he switched to Kojimako-chan. -That's not true. -Are you sad? -I am. UpsetMilky. Ah, the real thing! -UpsetMilky appeared. -It's totally different! -So you really say it? - Yes. -I always thought Aoki-san made it up. -Me too! -You are wrong. I've read it on Milky's Google+. HappyMilky, sadMilky and upsetMilky - 3 levels of usage. What the heck is that? It's just in Aoki-san's eyes, Milky separated from him after Elections. Not separated. Just became a bit distant figure. Ah, fans frequently say that. Well, Milky has probably seen it, but next to Aoki-san's desk hangs a Kojimako's poster. [Evidence] -It's not Milky anymore. -No way! Who is it now? -Kojimako-chan. -Kojimako-chan? -Yes. Wait a minute! Here she is! He likes Kojimako-chan. There is your poster as well. That was just a malice of "Sashihara's Rebellion". It's not malice. Wow, scary! You're terrible! Scary! -He's blaming the show! -Your poster is really there. -Are you upset? -Kojimako-chan's poster was huge. I'll get angry. Ah, Miyuki-chan! Because of "Sashihara's Rebellion" a rumor that I switched had spread around and even reached Osaka. -There was even a photo where Milky was sulky, right? -Yes, I am angry. -I was framed, honestly. It's ready. [The meat is ready] [Tongue] -Take some green onions! -Looks good! -Milky, grab some green onions. -I love grilled meat. -How cute. You love grilled meat? -Yes. Milky, try meat with onions. -With onions? Without sauce? -Try with lemon. Look at her reaction! -It's so delicious! -What is this? -Awesome! Right? -This is awesome! -It melts. It's so tender. Delicious. -Can you eat it in one bite? -Absolutely. It melts. -How cute! -Awesome! -Miyuki-chan... TastyMilky? -It's tastyMilky. -Is it tastyMilky? What the hell was that "is it tastyMilky" about? -I turn polite. -Why? I am polite, right? But you just asked yourself, if you are polite! Which is it? Geez. What the heck? "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a really good title, isn't it? You're praising me so much. I am happy. Is it possible to make a Milky corner in it? Here she comes! Milky's corner in "Sashihara's Rebellion"? What kind of situation is that? What a wild idea. [Milky's time] Please make Milky's corner in "Sashihara's Rebellion." I will, I will! Starting from next week! You're just saying it, right? -Just saying. -Let's make Milky's corner. -You know, that viewership rating of this show is really low. -And it's not aired in Osaka. Better ask for a starring role in drama. But this show is incredibly popular among showbiz people. That's the most important thing. Even NHK producer said it: "Sashihara's Rebellion" is the shit!" -Then I'll make an appeal. -It's NHK! Everyone, please make Milky's corner. Everyone? Who's everyone? Who are you saying it to, Miyuki-chan? But you've already appeared here several times. -Right! You're a regular already. -I am happy! We use the same picture every time. It became a topic at one of our meetings. Shouldn't we change that picture? -It's really old, right? -No, it's a recent one. -Recent? -Yes, probably. I've remembered it. It's like this. That picture has imprinted in my mind! I've remembered this Miyuki-chan's photo. -Oh, what's this? -Skirt steak. I love meat. [Skirt steak] I am always praising Milky, but Aoki-san never does. I do! If it's just the two of us, he normally talks to me. But if someone's around, he becomes silent. Eh, cold outside, sweet inside? That's scary! He's sweet when you two are alone? It's planned. He's a schemer! -Why are you acting cold, Aoki-san? -I don't. -Do you think Milky will come to you, if you leave her alone? -I don't think that. Do you see her as your wife? I even went to her grandmother's house for the photo book shooting. Right? So this is how people turn into stalkers. Stalker is a bit... Don't film me... If you're not filmed, you'd be just an old man eating grilled meat! Seriously! You'd just be an ordinary old man eating meat. In private. [Skirt steak is ready] -So good! -It's too delicious! -Yummy! -It's very tasty here, right? -Do you like it here, Fukuda-san? -It's my favourite place. -Do you like grilled meat? -You bet, I do! -Me too! Ah, watch out, there she goes again... Well then, let's make this show a "Milky's Rebellion". Oh crap! Scary! Scary! All you have to do is to charm those three -and they'll immediately change the title of this show. -That old man! ("East's" producer Hatano Ken) They'll put "Milky's Rebellion" under "Sashihara's Rebellion". -Please do it. -Please! Somehow producer Abiru looks happier than usual today too. -NMB appeared on "Shin Doumoto Kyoudai" TV show on 14.01.19. -Ah, yes. I was a main scriptwriter. One of the questions in questionnaire was What was the last words from your senpai that had taken you aback? Everyone wrote Takahashi Minami's sayings, like "Hard work will fulfill your dreams", or "Never give up and your dreams will come true". General Manager's impressive words. I forgot who wrote it, -but there were two people who chose Sashihara's words. -I wonder what?.. A those were: "Have you had a plastic surgery lately?" -I remember, it was Mirurun. -Ah, Mirurun! I said that to her indeed! Takamina says such good words, but you only talk shit. But I like that about myself. -You have no moral convictions at all. -I don't say such things because I am idle person. Because I am idle myself. If someone became pretty, you ask them if they done a plastic surgery? Take it positively, it's a compliment. -What was her name? -Shiroma. -Mirurun. Shiroma Miru. -Is she an oddball? -No, not at all. Mirurun on the surface is this cute crybaby idol. That's who she pretends to be. -Pretends... -She's not? -Absolutely not. She's just a pervert. A huge pervert. -Pervert?! -Biggest in NMB. -Is that so? [Mirurun] -You have a girl who loves to watch other girls change clothes, right? - Mirurun? -It was her indeed? -But she doesn't like watch others, she likes to be watched. -So she undresses and shows everyone her naked body. -Is this for real? It appears they have someone like that. She calls me Buddha. Every time she sees me, she claps her hands 3 times like before prayer. She makes fun of you! I have a very funny story. [Milky's funny story] When there was a practice for NMB's original stage, it started at 7-8 a.m. So there was no time to buy or prepare a breakfast, so there wasn't any. And when captain Yamamoto Sayaka-chan asked manager, where is the breakfast, this woman manager gave her a chocolate and said "Here your go". -Only I found it a bit amusing. -Yeah, that was funny. -Others were angry, but I thought it was funny and could be used as anecdote. -True, that's funny. [Even funnier story] -Does anyone want offals? -I do. -Aoi-chan, can you grill offals? -Aoi-tan. -Yes! I have to say that I can't tell the difference between various offals at all! [Rumen] -Truth be told, in "Majisuka Academy" drama I was in Team Offals. -Ah, right. My character was always grilling and eating meat. But it was super cold in countryside where we filmed and fire went out right away. So instead of real fire smoke came from incense stick. -And on top of it... -You ate meat that was on top of incense stick? -Wow! -I got traumatized by it. Seriously. Mind-blowing! Is it OK to say it? [Producers consult with each other] Old men are having fierce debates. -Stop worrying about what can or can't be used! -They start whispering right away. Let us talk freely, please! [This talk was approved] A grilled meat was placed on top of incense stick. Not directly. There was some room between, so the smoke went up freely. The meat had an exotic flavor afterwards. No wonder you can't tell the difference in taste after eating this kind of meat. What's worse, the meat was cold. And we had to speak our lines while chewing it... You're often talking about Majisuka, aren't you? Yeah. The members will never forget filming of Majisuka. It was awful. -But Milky never appeared in it, right? -Never. Not even once. -Her timing was off. 3rd part was filled with new members. -I want to appear in it... Good. Say to Abiru-san "I want to appear". I want to write a script for Majisuka! I don't want to be in Majisuka at all! It's cold and work hours are long! -I want to write a script! -No more Majisuka. -I want to appear in Majisuka! I want to be a scriptwriter and director! I also want to be in Majisuka! -In what role? -Seriously! -Why did you say you want to appear in it? -Even in a deceased picture is okay. -You should've said you wanted to publish a Majisuka feature! -You're a publisher! -Right! You should want to release a Majisuka guidebook or something! Why appear?! ["Majisuka Academy" talk isn't over] Majisuka became such traumatic experience, that even now, when members hear that tomorrow will be cold, they ask "Colder than Majisuka?" Awesome! Was it that cold? Well, there was no heating. The filming was in countryside, in January when snow was still lying. In the gym. In the super spacious gym. There was not enough jackets for this big crowd of members, so we were very lightly dressed in school uniforms. And a dressing room was outside! -When we talk about "Majisuka Academy" we mean the last episode. -So it was in last episode?.. It was hell! Aoi-chan, look, she's never eaten rumen before. What do you think? -Yummy... -Thank you! -You got fished? Aoi-tan? -That was terrific! -It's not! -I won't be able to sleep! -You won't be able to sleep tonight. -She's terrific, right? -Yeah... -"Yummy"... -Fantastic! -Thank you very much! It's fantastic for me too! So honestly, who do you like - Milky or Kojimako-chan? [A Kojimako question again] There's a theater song called "Set Back after a Kiss". There's a part where you scream out a name. Any guy's name you want. And since I was frustrated about him switching to Kojimako-chan -I screamed "Aoki-kun!" during my birthday show. -Wow! Did you laugh? Sorry, I have something to say. The other day during "Pajama Drive" stage, which HKT has started, Tomonaga Mio-chan screamed "Aoki-kun!" too. And I saw Aoki-san's face at that moment. It was like this... -Please stop... -What's the meaning of this?.. Oh, a bloodshed! Fight! -It won't be aired, right? -We will air it. -We will. - She's cool about airing it! -Nobody will watch it, right? Honestly, who is higher in your rankings? Right now... It's really... Say it properly. Say it properly. Getting tense... Who? That's of course... -He won't say. -That's sad, right? He won't say, because he has doubts. -It's sad. Why? -Why? You used to like me, you used to say you liked me. Why? C'mon! What's so interesting about watching an old man panic? Seriously! Don't you find it strange?! -People say that "Sashihara's Rebellion" is an old men show. -True! I've seen an episode where 4 old men were eating tacos the other day... What the heck was that?! Seriously! -You've seen it? -Yes! How 4 old men were eating tacos... -Yeah, you manager Sakamoto was with us. -That's just ridiculous! Imagine if little girl asked her mother to record Sasshi's show, but all the girl would see is old men eating tacos! That's not good. Fuku-kun said "I record Sashihara's Rebellion". -No point in watching! -You'd talk him out of it? -Yeah. [Large intestine] This reminds me of Majisuka! We grilled it. Milky, you'll probably get steaks for free next time. -Ask to not charge you. -Please don't charge me. -It wasn't a joke. -Please spare me! He'll definitely won't charge you. Ah, something awesome happened the other day! Milky invited me for a meal! -I did. -I was really happy. -You usually dine out with Minegishi Minami, right? -Yes. -With who else? With Ooya Shizuka. You may see her in "Cream Quiz Miracle 9" show. With Kitahara Rie. She was in "Terrace House" reality show. And Yokoyama Yui. Her show is "Han Nari Meguru Kyoto... somethig". About 3 people. And also Kashiwagi Yuki. I've also eaten with Yamamoto Sayaka. -So it was the first time when Milky invited you? -Yes! I was happy. -What did she say? -Wanna go to a steak house today? -You really love grilled meat don't you? -I really do! I ate it yesterday too. -Miyuki is cute... -I could eat grilled meat every day. -Seriously?! -Eh, could it be that you're the same? -I am! I've seen this already! Fans will seriously kill you. Sooner or later. You have to be modest like Aoki-san. -I'll get killed? -Yep. You'll get flamed at least. -I have nothing to be flamed for. -You don't? -Nope. [An apology] [Tongue] [Since they were preoccupied with eating and talking] [Skirt steak] [and didn't make a proper meal report] [Thigh meat] [please at least enjoy this food porn] [Rumen] [Large intestine] [Ending] -It's time to finish... -She ordered galbi soup. Galbi soup, please. -With rice? -Yes. -We won't leave! Well, recording can be stopped. -Let's finish recording. -How about making a show about grilled meat? -Then each time... -Yes, a show with 4 of us. -Good idea. -But it's not that easy. -"Steak's Rebellion". Should we change the title to "Steak's Rebellion"? -"Steak's Rebellion" sounds good. -Terakado Jimon-san will be a guest each time. -Well, we can make "Steak's Rebellion" in some episodes again. -And call a guest then. [I'll wait for it] -The next project... -What? -You've mentioned it previously - horse racing. -I've made arrangements. -Yey! -You've always wanted to buy betting tickets with your own money. -Oh, need to bring money then! It's at "Ohi Racecourse". -"Ohi Racecourse" -Is it near? -An evening races. -So happy! -Let's go! -So will be our next project. [The bill] -So today's bill... -Who is paying? Most probably Dentsu. But they just wrote something. Have Milky coax him and make it cheaper. Nice idea! We're counting on you. So now Milky is going to ask Aoi-chan to decrease the bill. -Please. So this show can continue. -Okay, start now. It was delicious, wasn't it? I'll come again, Aoi-tan. Please make it cheaper. Okay, I'll chip in a little money. Thank you very much! -Geez, Milky... Anyone will fall for her charms. -You get enchanted. -That's good. We're lucky. -Lucky! You just can't help it... [In gratitude, Sashihara and Milky wrote a menu signs] [Nemul - 800 yen] [Salty large intestine - 1000] [It's not only ugly faces, but also imitations!] [Their quality is questionable though]

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09 ran

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