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Ascension Workshop 2010.07.25 Atlanta (P2-Energy Exercises) by Eric Hamel

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So, there are a few things I need to tell you before we do the Ascension work. First, it has to do with acceptation. Because, we need to stop creating new wounds, by accepting what's happening in our lives. And, to be able to accept, we need to understand what accept means. You will see that it is going to be a lot easier after I explain that. Sometimes we say: "I will never be able to accept this in my life". That is because we have associated the word "to accept" with "to agree with". And so, if someone is screaming at us, and we are not agreeing with the way he is talking to us, then we do not accept automatically. But, that's not what it means to accept. Let's take the opposite of to accept. It is to reject, to refuse. So, do you see that is has nothing to do with to agree with? So it means, to welcome, to embrace, to unify, instead of to reject, and to refuse. So, even if someone is screaming at us, and we are not agreeing with the way he is doing it, we can still welcome that it is how it happens. We can still accept, that it is how it happens. It is to stop denying what happened. When we say: "I did not want this to happen. I did not merit this in my life. What did I do to God to merit that?". You did not do anything, you created it. To stop denying what happened, it means to stop saying these things because it happened anyway. And it happened in the past, and you cannot go back in the past to change it. So, it is easier if you say: "Yes, that's what happened!". So you see, how much easier it is to accept? Let me explain more about how we feel the energy so that you can go through the exercises that we will do together, in a much easier way. If you stay in your head, you won't feel anything. And the only thing that you will hear is your ego says: "I don't feel anything! It is super dull! What am I doing here? I am going to leave!". That's the ego talking. And of course, if you stay in your head, your attention is where? In your head! So what are you feeding? The ego! So if you want the ego to shut off, it is to bring your attention, somewhere else, in your body. Breathe! Feel the air going in your lungs. While you do that, do you hear the ego talk? No! So, if you hear the ego talk, breathe! When we ask something to the universe, it is a quantity of energy, it is a thought. It is a quantity of energy that we send in the universe, using the masculine energy, using the electric energy. The universe answers back right away, not in two weeks, if we listen. And that's why prayers have not been so successful. Because when we do prayers, we ask, we ask, we ask, we ask, we ask, ... and at the end, they told us to go to bed. And so, if we do that, can we receive what we asked for? No! Because we did not listen! And so we sent in the universe a quantity of energy. And so the universe answers back with a quantity of energy, what we asked for. So it is important that we listen, so that we receive all that energy. And we need to listen to it, until we have received it all. Because, if we cut in the middle of the transmission, we cut the transmission and we did not receive all the energies that we needed, that we asked. And so, it cannot manifest. So, imagine that the magnetic energy, it's like circles that you have around you. When we ask something, we send electric signal in the universe. And so the universe sends us back electric signals. And it comes, and it hits our circles. And it makes our energy vibrate. And so it vibrates in our energy inside, and outside. So when your energy is vibrating inside of you, it means that you are receiving something. So you have to listen to that vibration, until it stops. For those of you, who have difficulty to feel that vibration, I hope you are able to feel your heart because, it is another way of feeling what's happening in the energy. Remember what I said, that what's happening in the physical is a reaction to what's happening in the energy. And so, what do you think happens with your heart? It's going to start pumping. As soon as you ask for something, it's going to start pumping hard, and it will go hard until it reaches the middle of the transfer, so it is a sign for you to know there is the same amount of time left, to wait and listen. And it will slow down very rapidly. And it will end very slowly. And then, after that, your heart will revert to the normal beating. That's when you know that it is completed, that you have received everything. We need to learn, to go down more into the heart, and listen to the heart beat. And to ask questions through the heart, because the intuitions, is a communication channel that goes through that. It's not the head that comes here into this life, to have a physical experience. It is our soul. And our soul lives in the heart. So you have a totally new language to learn: the language of the heart. And so, you need to go down in your heart more often. And ask for example to your heart: "Make me feel what is yes" and "Make me feel what is no". And then you can ask questions. And you will have the answer. That's how I receive telepathically my messages. It is not something I ear with my ears. I know that one day, my ears will be able to decode everything I receive through my intuitions. But right now, that's not how it is working. You have to start somewhere. So I just asked my Guides: "Is there anything I should add to that, before we start?", it says no. So, please go down in your bodies. Don't stay in your head. Be comfortable. The first exercise that we will do together, and my Guides told me that it was very important to do it with this group of people, it is to liberate the Karmic Debts. What are Karmic Debts? It has to do with past lives. So if you don't believe in that, I am sorry. It has to do with the law of Karma. So what is Karma? What you do to others, comes back to you. And when we talk about Karmic Debts, does it sounds nice, or not so nice? Not so nice! So it means that they are things that we have done to other people that were not so nice. That lacked Love for them. But, obviously, if we did that to others, we lacked Love for us. So when we say that we do not do to others, what you don't want others to do to us, well, the best way to learn, is when others do it to us. So these are the Karmic Debts. There are two ways to get rid of them. It is by living the experience of what we did to others. Or liberating them as we will do it now. In order to liberate the karmic debts, I will need the presence and assistance of three beings, or three energies. And if you listen to what's happening around you in the air, you might feel that the air is going to change at some point. You might feel more pressure or you might feel that there is going to be things that will manifest around us. As I ask for them to be manifested. So just be aware and listen to what's happening inside of you, and around you. So I ask for the presence and assistance of the Solar Consciousness, which is the Sun. To surround us with his energies, so that we feel warm and secure, under a golden dome of light. I ask for the presence and assistance of Archangel Michael. So that he can put his energies into my hands. To bring the energies of the Karmic Debts, to the Consciousness, in his life, in his physical life. I ask for the presence of St-Germain and his violet flame, in order to transmute, all the negative energies of the Karmic Debts, into positive. Starting now, you will start to feel pain in your body. Pain, or pressure, or warm, or something that will catch your attention. Inside your physical body, or even outside. Some people have no Karmic Debts, so they will not feel anything. And some other people have many. And so, it is normal that you feel them one last time, because they need to be brought into consciousness, so that we can let them go. Just listen to them, like if they are babies that are crying. So I ask the Guides to liberate all the Karmic Debts now, and so be it. So a change started to happen in the energy. So it means that we are half way through. So it means starting from now the pain that you were feeling is starting to leave your body. So just stay with me. Continue to breathe, until it is completely gone. So I close the channel. I amplify with Divine Light and Divine Love. Normally, I wait until the end before asking these questions. But apparently, My Guides are asking me, to raise your hands the ones who experienced what I said. So a lot of people here, needed to do that cleaning. That's why, it was important that we do it. It's even possible, that you had that pain in your back, or in your shoulder, for so long. And you tried everything to get rid of it, and it was impossible. But now, that pain is gone. So what does it tell you? That it was a Karmic Debt. We liberated, and that's what my Guides are telling me right now, we liberated all of your Karmic Debts. So it is over, you do not need to do anything about them anymore. Now, we will take care of some of your emotional wounds. Unfortunately, we cannot do them all. It's too big. I said earlier that it was possible to liberate them, but I did not say how. But now I will explain. It is by talking to your wounds. They are your little monsters. They are your creatures. And you need to talk to them. Every time you feel bad, every time you can't sleep at night, every time other people come to you and you feel bad, sometimes just in their presence. Sometimes because of what they say, whatever the reason, as soon as you feel bad, it's not you feeling bad, it is your wounds that comes up from the unconscious. Take the time to liberate them. And how we do that? By talking to them. And by saying: "I am sorry I created you ; Please forgive me ; I love you ; Thank you". And why is it so powerful to say these things? Because when we say: "I don't want to accept this in my life", we do not want to take our responsibility. We play the victim! And if we are the creators, we are far from the victim! And so by saying "I am sorry I created you", we take back our responsibility. We stop playing the victim. And when we play the victim, we gave our power to others. And so, others have the power over our happiness. But it's our happiness. So don't give your power to others. And if we are all Divine Beings, it means that we are all very powerful. And so, if we are all very powerful, do others need your power? No! So keep your power! So when you say "I am sorry I created you", not only you take back your responsibility, but you also take back all of your power. Very important for a creator to have all of his power. When you say "Please forgive me", it's not for you to feel bad, of feel ashamed of having created this creature, no. It's only to say to your creature "If I would have known, I would have accepted, I would not have created a monster. "I Love you" because they need Love in order to be liberated. And "Thank you" because they help us learn how to create. We are creators, so it is normal that at the beginning we create any kind of things, not necessarily nice things. Until we realize that: "Hey! I am creating all this". And so, you can choose after to create differently. Stop creating wounds, and create positive things instead. And just to show you how powerful we are, and that we have no clue, we feel powerless, and our governments make us feel like we have no power. But it's not true. We have all the power. Remember what I said, that we make alive, what we pay attention to. And so, if there are people who watch TV, they put attention in TV. So the TV exist. But if no one watch TV, would it still exist for a long time? No! So how do we get rid of things that we don't like? By stopping to put attention into them. Like what I do with money. I have stopped running after money. I am stopping to put energy into that. And at some point, I hope, it's going to die. And we won't need that anymore. So we won't need to work anymore. And we will find another way, of making this work. And there are for sure many ways. It is the same thing with the government. It is the same thing with everything, like the doctors. So let's take care of our wounds instead. Now is the time, to put in a big ball in front of you, all the things that you don't like, that you would like to get rid of. Everything that is limiting yourself in this lifetime. Either fear, false beliefs, emotional wounds, or physical pain, it's all the same. Put everything in a big ball. And we will not liberate only one wound at a time, we will liberate many. And so, I ask the Guides and the Masters, to present to us, all the things that we should liberate now, and so be it. So if you start to listen to what's happening inside of you, you might notice that you start to feel strange, or weird inside. They are your emotional wounds, coming up from the unconscious. So that you can be conscious of them, one last time. You might feel like there is pressure building up, and it's normal because we are adding, and adding more and more wounds, to that big ball. And I'm just waiting for the pressure to stop. And it will be the sign that everything is there and ready to be liberated now. So please repeat after me. I am sorry I created you. I am sorry I created you. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. I Love you. I Love you. Thank you. Thank you. And then listen to what's happening to all that negative energy. And breathe. We just reached the middle of it, so please stay with me for the same amount of time. So I close the channel. I amplify with Divine Light and Divine Love. So take the time to feel what happened here, in your heart area. Do you feel more peaceful now? Yes! What's stopping us from being peaceful inside? Our little monsters! They come to bug us, so that we take care of them. I never thought, I could be in such a deep state of peace, in this lifetime. Take the time to liberate all your wounds, and you will reach it. Not only peace inside, but peace of the mind because the ego will stop talking too. We will do it one more time. So put in a big ball all the things that you would like to liberate, that you don't need any more. And I ask the Guides and the Masters, to present us with all the things that we should liberate now, and so be it. Do you feel the difference with the first time? It is a lot less heavy! The ball is a lot smaller. It is because we have reached the limit of what we can liberate at once. And I will explain later. Please repeat after me. I am sorry I created you. I am sorry I created you. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. I Love you. I Love you. Thank you. Thank you. I close the channel. I amplify with Divine Light and Divine Love. When I say I close the channel, it's not the main channel of the person. I'm talking about a small channel that was created in order to extract the negative energy that was right there at a specific spot. So it is important that these channels be closed. And it's important also that we fill the void that we created, with something. We must not leave a hole in your energy, because anything could go into that hole. So that's why I say I amplify with Divine Light and Divine Love. Because that's the best thing we can fill the hole with! So how do you feel now? Lighter. Why? What did we just do? We liberated energy blockages. So what happens? It enables your vibrations to go up. Is it normal that you feel lighter? Yes! That's what we call Ascension. Ascension means that there is something going up. And so what is going up? Your vibratory rate. Your vibrations. So there are two ways of doing that: liberating what is blocking, and filling yourself with Love, with vital energy. Because that's the gas you need to vibrate. And that's exactly what we've done together. Liberating and filling with Love. Not only we create emotional wounds every time that we do not accept what's happening in our lives, but we also create emotions that stay stuck in our emotional body. I don't have time to go into details with all the different bodies that we have but we have many bodies. Not just the physical body. The physical body, is the last body inside of all the other ones. It is the manifestation of everything that is there in the energy. And so the physical body, follows the energetic plan, it's like an architectural plan. As soon as you create blockages in the energy, the physical body goes to create blockages inside. What we just did, is to liberate these blockages in the energy. We are not playing doctors here. We are not playing with the body. The body will adjust itself, because it follows the plan. So if we remove the blockages in the energy, the physical body goes and remove the blockages he created inside. It is never the healer that heals. It is always the physical body that heals itself. Do you see how an incredible machine it is? It cannot be otherwise than perfect, because it's been created by God. So we should not try to play with it. It is the image. And so, for example, when you brush your teeth, you brush your teeth in front of a mirror. You brush your teeth, your own teeth and not the image in the mirror? It is the best example I can show you, it is to try to heal the physical body, by playing with it, by removing parts of it. It makes no sens! It is the image! It's like if we try to correct the image on the TV by putting anything on the screen. Oh! we can remove that, it's not important! Well, if it is there, there must be a good reason. Because, as you can see with all the things I have explained, there is no coincidence. And everything was planned a long time in advanced. So, like I said, not only we create emotional wounds when we do not accept what happens in our lives, but also we create emotions that stay stuck in our emotional body. That emotional body is connected here, to the Solar Plexus. That's why, when it goes like this in our emotions, we have trouble digesting. In French, we even say: "I cannot digest this in my life!". Which you guys say: "I cannot take this!". It is the same thing. I cannot digest this in my life, it means that I am not able to accept. And so, the more problems you have digesting, the more problems you have accepting. To cry, it is a normal mechanism that is used to liberate these emotions that are stuck. But if you cry and you are still not accepting what's happening, it stays stuck. You don't have to cry. There is another way, of doing the same thing. And let me tell you there are a lot of emotions that are stuck in your emotional body. With this simple phrase, that you can say every night, or every time you do meditation. After many days, many weeks or many months, I don't know how much time it is going to take you, you will free yourself completely. Let's do it together. Don't worry about remembering the phrase; it's already there on my website. So we ask, that all the emotions that needs to be processed now, be processed and so be it. What's really important, is that we listen to what's happening in the energy, until it stops vibrating. So breathe at the same time. It will help the process go faster. So at the beginning you might be able to feel that it is very heavy. And it is to make you feel the amount of negative energy that you will process now. The negative emotions, they are lack of Love toward ourselves. They should be a warning like a light bulb that lights up, to let us know that ooops, there is something you are not accepting right now, so you are creating emotional wounds. So that's how we should react when we feel negative emotions. When we create things that lack love, it's like if there is a hole in the soil. How can we make that hole disappear? By putting the same amount of soil, that there is a hole. So it takes the same amount of Love, as the lack of love, that was used to create. That's why it is important that you breathe, so that you pump the Love that you need to fill the hole. So these emotional wounds, and these emotions, can be stuck at different places in the human body. Because they are there to give us a message. And so the people who are coughing right now, it is because their emotions are blocked in their throat. So what does that mean? It means that this person has difficulty to express how they feel inside. So it should be for you a message about what you need to work on. If you do not express how you feel inside, it is because you are scared of how people will react to what you're going to say. So it is a lack of Love towards yourself, because it's like if you say: "my value is not big enough to express how I feel". If we are all Divine Beings, it is pretty obvious that we can express what we feel to others, without being afraid. One of the things that the Guides are telling me right now, is that we are afraid to hurt others. With what I told you earlier, if others can not hurt us, can we hurt others? No! All the fears that we have are illusions. And the fears will always stop you, from doing the action. So it is stopping you from being into your masculine energy. There is nothing you can do, there is nothing you can say, that will help someone to accept what you need to tell them. So don't be afraid of saying what you need to say. If they don't accept it, it's only that they have that learning to do, and it's perfect. It's always perfect. We create our lives perfectly for what we need to learn. We just finished processing that big ball. You see how much time it took? So it is to show you how big it was. Every parts of the physical body, has a link with inside of us. Because the physical body is an image of ourselves inside. So if it hurts at one spot and not another, there is a specific message. It is part of learning to listen to ourselves, to understand the message. And it's much easier to learn our lessons, if we take the time to know the message. There are other things that we can do like, for example, fixing the human body. Because, in the past, and I mean in this lifetime but also in past lifetimes, we have abused the physical body. And so, sometimes we abused it because, we did not take care of his needs on time, we abused it with our thoughts, with what we say, with what we eat or not eat, or sometimes we have played war, and we have ripped off parts of our body. Sometimes we went to see the doctors and they did the same. Or they have put chemicals inside us. Sometimes it is the environment. We've been abusing the physical body in many ways. And so, all that abuse that we did, shows up, at some point or another in the physical body. And we need to take care of it. What we can say is that: "I ask that everything that needs to be fixed, be fixed now, and so be it". That's another thing that you can say. But we are not going to do that now. The physical body is like an hologram. What is the difference between an image and an hologram? If you take a small part of an image, you only have that small part. Compared with an hologram, if you take only a small part of an hologram, you can recreate the whole hologram. That's why it is called an hologram. And so the physical body is like an hologram. Every cells of the physical body contains the image of the whole. So you need only one cell and you can recreate the body completely. But there are also reciprocals in the body. Meaning that there are points in the human body that are reciprocals to each other, for example the shoulders and the hips. The eyes, if you take the face, and make a face with the human body, the eyes and the nipples are reciprocals. And sometimes they are not balanced. And it creates problems in the human body. Just take the time to feel how you are feeling now. We will do that exercise, and you will see how much peaceful you will feel after. That is something that you can ask every day if you want. Until you feel that you are completely in balance. We have been so much not in balance for so long, so there is a lot of work to do. We cannot do everything at once. So I ask that all the reciprocals be balanced now, and so be it. So while we do that, the Guides want me to tell you about where we put our attention during the day. If we work all day at the computer, we put all of our attention in the computer. So what are we making alive? The computer! We come back home after work and we eat in front of the TV. And so, where is our attention? In the TV! When do we take the time to put our attention inside of us? Almost never! When we look at ourselves in the mirror and we say: "Oh! I have such a big butt!" It is not really good attention to the physical body! So it is just to say that, when we do meditation, that's exactly what we are doing. We are putting our attention inside of us. And so that's why it feels so good to do meditation. And so that's why it is so important to do. The Guides say you do not have to wait until it hurts in the body, you do not have to wait for the stick. If you do meditation every day, you will fill the holes before they have to manifest in the physical body. Taking care of the emotional wounds. Taking care of the emotions that are blocked. And all these things, they are a kind of meditation. So I know, for a lot of you, doing meditation it is so dull, why I would do that. But if you do these exercises, and it makes you feel so much better, it will be the carrot that will motivate you to go forward with that. So we are almost done. When we do a lot of cleanings like that in the energy, we leave dusts and debris in the energy. You might not feel it right now. But the energy has trouble circulating properly. So just take the time to feel how you are feeling right now. And we will take care of all these debris. And you will see the difference after. So I ask the Guides and the Masters, to take care of all the debris, and to send it back to God and so be it. I close the channel. I amplify with Divine Light and Divine Love. So how do you guys feel now? It's like if we have removed a few layers. Almost like if you could fly now. So before we go to lunch, raise your hands those of you who are hungry! More than half? Almost everyone? Raise your hands those of you who are not hungry at all? Okay, just a few. So it will be a good test. We are not the physical body. We come here to borrow a physical body. What happens when we borough money at the bank? Two things: Interests? I'm not sure God is charging us interests. First, we are responsible for what we borough. Second, we need to give it back to whom it belongs to. In the case of the physical body, to who it belongs to? Mother Earth! Yes! All the cells of the physical body, comes from the skin of Mother Earth. And to enable the physical body to sustain life, we need to give the fruits of Mother Earth, her energy. And what are we responsible for? Come on! I've been talking about that all day! Taking care of the physical needs, of course! No one else can! So if it is the soul who has the responsibility to give the energies that the physical body needs, then you should be able to give it without anything else, right? Simply by saying: "I give to the physical body, all the energies that he needs now and for the future, and so be it". So, raise your hands the ones that are still hungry! Not as hungry! Not as hungry! But still hungry! Have a nice lunch! So we will be back in an hour. There is a big liberation that we need to do before we start. And maybe you felt it at some point, when I was talking and I was doing the lecture earlier. At some point, the noise in the room changed "PAFFF" suddenly like, it's hard to explain but, it was not the same environmental noise at all. And so, that was caused by entities. They were trying to make me feel their presence. Don't be scared of entities. That's exactly what we are. It's just that they don't have a physical body anymore, and they are looking for the light. But they are looking in the wrong direction, they need help. So when the physical body dies, we keep the same consciousness that we had before. And so, sometimes we do not even realize that we are dead, because we do not die. Sometimes, we believe that we have something to accomplish, because we come here for that. We come here to accomplish stuff. And so, sometimes we feel like we have not finished accomplishing our things. But, can we accomplish something if we do not have a physical body anymore? No! So, they are stuck in the passage way going to the light. I call that the passage of death. Hard to say in English. Le passage de la mort? I'm sorry! It must sound something like that. Le passage de la mort? Passage of death. And so they are stuck in that passage way and they have to go to the light. These people sometimes, they believe that if they stay close to their family, that it will be easier for them to help them. But what they don't know is that if they go to the light, it will be much easier for them to help their family after. They will be able to come back as often as they want. And so, there are lots of people here that have family members or sometimes other entities that are stuck to their energies. And we will start by liberating that before we go forward. When we go shopping, that's one of the best place to catch entities. Because there are a lot of entities that believe they can shop! And so they go back to the same place that they are used to go. So how can you feel that? It is very easy. Maybe you can feel that in your Heart Chakra, there is something that is pinching. You are not at ease here, and here to in the Solar Plexus. Sometimes you come back from shopping and you are like, so tired, and you don't understand why. That's because there is something that is sucking your life force. Don't fall into things like, they are evil beings, no, no, no. They are all light beings. They just need help. They just need you to liberate them, and you liberating yourself from them. So, not only you are going to help yourself, but you are going to help them. The first thing to say is to ask the angels and archangels to accompany these entities where they belong, and so be it. And then, you have to say for each dimension, or each plan starting with the physical plan, plan #1, repeat after me: I liberate myself. I liberate myself. And I liberate them. I liberate them. And then listen to what's happening. You might feel like it is pulling to go up. Plan #2: I liberate myself. I liberate myself. And I liberate them. I liberate them. Plan #2 is the Etheric Body. Sometimes they attach there. Plan #3: I liberate myself. I liberate myself. And I liberate them. I liberate them. Already, we can start to feel that it is getting lighter, but there are still some to liberate. The third plan is the Emotional Body. And there are usually a lot of entities that hang on there. When you do astral travels, you do it with the emotional body. Plan #4: I liberate myself. I liberate myself. And I liberate them. I liberate them. The plan #4 is the Mental Body. So the thoughts that you think that you have in your head, it's not in your head, it is in the Mental Body. What's happening in your mind that you have light that shines when you have thoughts, it is only a reaction to what's happening in the energy. Plan #5, which is the Causal Body. Every time there is a cause, there is an effect. And so, in the Causal Body we carry a lot of stuff from past lives. It's not the karmic debts. The karmic debts are higher than that in other bodies. So, plan #5: I liberate myself. I liberate myself. And I liberate them. I liberate them. Okay. So that's one good thing done. We will feel much better now. The last exercise that we will do, it is something that you can do every day. And you can do that, even more than once a day. All the exercises that we did before today, was to release the blocked energies that we want to stop coming back. To stop the patterns that always repeats in our lives. And so, what we will do now, is the second thing I told you about how to create differently. It is to ask to receive the energies that you are not holding right now that you need in order to create new things in your life. For example, I needed a scooter. I asked to receive the energy of the scooter. And two days after, I had the scooter in my backyard. It did not appear like this "pfffft". But someone else called me the next day to say: "Hey! I have found a scooter that is perfect for you!". And he brought it to me. And I did not even had to look for it, and get it! But I paid for it though! But it is just to say, that it is very powerful, and it is working very well. And so, if you ask, and that's what we are going to do now, if we ask our higher-self, he knows exactly what you need, all the tools that you need in order to accomplish your life's mission. If we ask the higher-self and also the Guides and the Masters, to give us all the energies that we need now, and so be it. So you might feel pressure coming down towards your head. You might feel that your heart is beating faster. We are downloading right now energy. And it is really important that we listen until it is completely finished. So while we are downloading, the Guides are asking me to tell you about another condition that needs to be put in place, for us to be able to live the lack of love, which is free will. What is free will? It enables us to create as much in the positive, as in the negative. If you would not be able to create in the negative, you would not be able to live the lack of love, and so you would not be able to learn, what is love. And what is free will bringing? Well, because of free will, the beings of light have no choice but to wait for you to ask them for help. They have no right to interfere with free will, because it is your experience. And they have been waiting for a long time! Especially your higher self. So that you open to your higher self to receive what he has for you. You have to make the effort, in order to receive what your higher self has for you. So the more you will ask your higher self to receive what he has for you, the more gifts will appear in your life. You will create new gifts and new tools for yourself. So I thank Mother-Father God, all the Masters and the Guides, and everyone that participated. So for those of you who would like to leave, thank you for joining us. And those of you who want to stay and ask more questions, I'll be here!

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Ascension Workshop 2010.07.25 Atlanta (P2-Energy Exercises) by Eric Hamel

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