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Safe Hand Washing

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[MTS Maritime Training Services] [SAFE HAND WASHING] As a crew member, you play a vital role in preventing the spread of illnesses simply by keeping your hands clean. Effective and frequent hand washing is the best way to prevent outbreaks of Norovirus on board. [REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS] Remember to wash your hands [ENTERING ANY FOOD PREPARATION OR SERVICE AREA] before entering any food preparation or service areas, [HANDLING FOOD EQUIPMENT AND UTENSILS] before handling food equipment and utensils, [BEFORE AND AFTER WORKING WITH RAW FOODS] before and after working with raw foods, [PUTTING ON GLOVES] and before putting on gloves. [REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS] You should also wash your hands [SNEEZING OR COUGHING] after sneezing or coughing, [EATING, DRINKING, SMOKING] after eating, drinking or smoking, [BUSSING TABLES, HANDLING DIRTY DISHES] after bussing tables, handling dirty dishes, [HANDLING GARBAGE] or handling garbage, [TOUCHING YOUR FACE] after touching your face, [BODY, APRON, CLOTHING] body, apron, clothing, [DIRTY EQUIPMENT, WORK SURFACES] dirty equipment or work surfaces, [USING THE TOILET] and after using the toilet. Next, let's review some of the key points of hand washing. [STEP 1 Run water until warm] First, run the water until it's warm. [STEP 2 Wet your hands] Next, wet your hands. [STEP 3 Apply soap generously] Apply a generous amount of soap [STEP 4 Wash for 20 seconds] then wash for at least 20 seconds. [STEP 5 Focus on fingernails between fingers, backs of hands and wrists] Clean under your nails and between your fingers. Don't forget to wash the backs of your hands and your wrists. [STEP 6 Rinse your hands] Rinse your hands. [STEP 7 Dry with paper towel] Dry your hands with a paper towel. [STEP 8 Where necessary, turn off faucet and open door with paper towel] Where necessary, turn off the faucet and open the door using the paper towel. It's important to follow these steps thoroughly because insufficient hand washing is not effective against bacteria. [EFFECTS OF HAND WASHING ON BACTERIA] Take a look at these two examples. The hand on the left shows the bacteria that remain after washing for just five seconds. The hand on the right shows that most of the bacteria have been removed [WASH HANDS FOR AT LEAST 20 SECONDS] after thoroughly washing for a full 20 seconds. So, remember, the best way to remove bacteria is by washing your hands before any new activity. [MTS Maritime Training Services]

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Safe Hand Washing

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