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Ready? 3, 2, 1... Action! OK. Now please say your name and where you are from. My name is Ritsuko Ishitsuka. I'm from Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture in Japan. Thank you. What was your previous job before you got into networking? Before I started a networking business, I managed a restaurant with my husband. There were about 10 different restaurants and being so busy caused us a lot of distress. That's why I was able to start my business. I understand. Thank you. All right... Please tell us if there are any products that you like. Products? I've been taking ViaVente Miracle for a long time and I really recommend it. Also, Youngevity's CM cream. It helped my husband's stiff shoulders and things like that... He stopped saying that his shoulders and lower back hurt. I thought that was amazing. I see. Thank you. All right... What do you feel is good about Youngevity? Today I attended a conference and it was full of leaders with genuine personalities. And the staff work very hard as well... After seeing that, I really look forward to working in that type of setting. Thank you. All right... Please tell us your expectations of the company. Youngevity truly has a great selection of products. Right now Japan has an aging society which means there are several people who aren't in good health. So I'd like for Japan to be a healthy society and I'd like for everyone to have sincere human relations. I'd like for everyone to get along while in good health and having fun! Thank you. All right. Now please say something to those whom want to try the products or are looking to work for Youngevity in the future. First of all I think they should go ahead and start. The products are truly wonderful. It's great how Youngevity wants to change people's environments and I feel it really allows people to grow. So I want to say, take a step forward and let's live a dream-like lifestyle together! Thank you very much. OK.

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Posted by: youngevity on Jun 8, 2018


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