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It's worked in cities around the world but why doesn't San Francisco have a bike sharing program? As soon as possible is the timeline. We've been talking about this for a while we're under the bicycle injunction for three years and so we're all very frustrated not be able to make improvements to bicycling in San Francisco directly. Since june of 2006, the city has been barred by a lawsuit from building any more bike lanes or even installing bike racks on the sidewalks We believe that the city will prevail in this lawsuit and we'll finally be able to go ahead and install the additional 34 miles of bike lanes that the city has identified as a priority back in 2006. As part of San Francisco's master bike plan bikesharing programs where haltered by the injunction. The program would allow people to use city bikes for a small fee. Our customer can come up and swipe their pass card they pull their bike out and they're on their way It's that easy But is San Francisco really ready to put an additional 2700 bikes on the street? There needs to be more bike lanes in San Francisco so that people can get around more easily. The streets are really bad in terms of the quality of the pavement. But i think the people can and will continue to ride bikes despite that It's still a great city for cycling, well set up I think in general people are aware of cyclists bycicling in San Francisco has increased more that 50 per cent in the last three years even tho we're under the bike injunction so, bikesharing can be one more thing like new lanes, bike racks and other treatments to make San Francisco the really best city for bicycling in North America. This is Heather Duthie for CNS News

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