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Youth Has A Mission - Visite a l'orphelinat Agape Children's Home

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Presents Visit to the orphenage "AGAPE CHILDREN'S HOME" Youth has a mission is a non-profit charity bringing together young people all around the world. Our goal is to provide moral and financial support to poor children who did not have the chance to grow up in a warm hearted environment. Our concern is to offer a little more, to offer smiles, love, affection in the everyday life of kids who most of the time, feel abandoned and so different. We are aware that we can’t change the world in a day but the world won’t change by itself. So we want to help the people surrounding us even if it is at a microscopic scale and together, build a brighter future for children who have lost hope in life The 30th of December 2013 we visited the orphanage Agape Children Home in the capital Yaounde, situated in the district of Ekounou. This orphanage was created in 2009 and is under the arm of the foundation of the reverend John Jonas Aje. It accommodates 22 children from 2 to 16 years old. Approaching the New Year’s Eve, we decided to take them to a playground so they could get out of their usual environment and just for a day, forget an often grey day-to-day life. Hello! Hi! I am Mother Marie Madelaine the main supervisor of the orphanage Agape Children's Home I am here since 2010. We started with 5 kids under the arm of the Foundation of the reverend John Jonnas Aje and his wife Love Aje, who is the godmother of the orphanage. At the moment we provide a shelter to 22 kids. 18 go to school and the rest stay at home due to the lack of funds. Those kids have different backgrounds some of them were abandonned some are orphans from mother and father or partially orphans and others have mentally ill mothers or really poor parents who couldn't deal with it We decided to welcome these children because we believe it’s a part of God’s work. My name is Victoire, I am in Class 4. I want to thank the association Youth Has A Mission I am happy because we went out, we ate and we had fun. I really want to thank them. My name is Steve. I am in class 1. I want to thank the association They took us to the park we drank, we ate, we played. I am really thankful. My name is Gaelle Audrey Jorel I live at the orphanage Agape Children I am in lowersixth at the Ekounou's college I am the oldest girl of the orphenage I am really happy, because it’s the first time that people come to see us and take us out. Some people come and make donations but that’s not the most important thing. What really matters is the love that people give us. We need money but most we need people that care about us that will call us to ask us how kids are doing for example. I had the opportunity to speak with the members of YHM and I could feel that they really care about us. That’s why we are really happy. I can see how the youngest are so happy. That’s what matters. Thank you Youth Has A Mission for bringing us here. Thank you very much I would like to say a big thank you to Youth Has A Mission who brought joy to the orphenage. We are happy to see people who really care about the children. We really lack from people who could bring their affection to those kids. We are really happy to have Youth Has A Mission with us. I would like to point out that we don’t have any long-term sponsor. It’s only when the Lord touches a heart, that people come to us. That’s why we still don’t have a permanent solution regarding the children who don't go to school. My prayer is that God enlarges the association Youth Has A Mission that He blesses them to help them accomplish more in the orphanage. Thank you We are with the kids. They just received their gifts. They are really happy and we are really happy that they liked it and that the day went well. When we see the result we achieved, it really encourages us to go further. We hope that next year we will be able to help more people. The idea was to be able to help people, even being so young. Not always wait for others to do things for us. I hope it will work. The kids are happy, they feel loved. For example, Gaelle said that the most important is the love, not only the money. So I am really happy, because I am satisfied. Each child had a smile on his face and that was the goal. We reached our goal They played, we could make them go out of the orphanage so they could be in another environment forget a little bit about the hard times they had in their life and have a great time that they could always remember. We hope that people will want to join us, Youth Has A Mission. So the logo is a child with an umbrella sheltering a younger kid It means that, even though we are young and still growing we want to help other kids, even though we don’t have enough funds we try to do our best. Thanks

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