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Mamas Bailout Fundraiser FULL WEB

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Every year on Mother's Day, millions of people gather to celebrate the mamas who are in our lives. This year, you can celebrate Mother's Day by reuniting families who are separated by the criminal justice system. Why? Our corrupt criminal justice system forces innocent people who pose no threat to purchase their freedom. The costs are devastating. Women oftentimes lose their homes, jobs, or even children just to be found innocent. Some women, like Sandra Bland, have even lost their lives. Thousands of families go through this every day. This year we're taking a stand to have the human right of autonomy over our bodies, to have or not have children, and to raise those children in safe and sustainable communities. We cannot raise our families in communities if our mamas are locked away. In cities all across the country, we are bringing our collective resources to free all our mothers— queer, trans, immigrant, young, elder, and disabled. Our mamas are not disposable. We need them back in our communities. They bring us love, justice, healing, and compassion. Together we will bring them home. Our mothers don't deserve this. Our mothers are not disposable. Our mothers deserve restorative justice, healing, and reconciliation. Some of them have made mistakes. Some of them get caught up in the system despite their best efforts. All of them should be home. Our people are being held hostage. Cash bail is ransom. Money keeps them in but our love and resources will bring them home. This year make a gift count. Bring a mom home for Mother's Day.

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Posted by: militiadesign on Apr 29, 2017

Mamas Bailout Fundraiser FULL WEB

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