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Dharmasiri 3

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Is there anything you want to say? Something you feel personally? I've been doing my job as a professional in the field of special education for nearly a decade. A teaching of Krishnamurti always comes to my mind providing foundation for my work. He says that education is not about passing examinations. It isn't about getting a degree. Education is, if you can wake up in the morning and observe your environment... If you are able to enjoy the morning breeze, if you can look at a mountain and enjoy its shape, if you can listen to the chirping of birds... And no matter how busy you are, if you can look at the sky and free your mind, that is education. That is the educated individual. So this is something I often tell the parents in the field of special education. In our field, education is not about passing exams. If we help a child to take one step ahead from where he is, to give an example, if we guide a child who could not sit in a chair, to sit in a chair, that is education. So my hope is to happily give help to all the children who need it. Should I make any changes? [not clear] What happens when the attitudes are changed.. is that it? .... [not clear] You were talking about how to come out of the traditional educational system .... [inaudible ] Is that what ..... [inaudible] There are activities... The question is not clear to me... That was answered before... You said before .... [inaudible] visual methods... We are entirely about Inclusive Education. An education exclusively for special children... it is taught in Units....apart from that, we, the present education system we have is good. In Sri Lanka. It cannot be called conventional education. Our universities are good, our general education system is good ... O/L and A/L results have the recognition... so I am saying... we produce doctors, engineers and so on... what we do is contributing to regular education. Perhaps it wad about how to bring in new technology, or like you said how to include perspectives like Krishnapurti's .... Is there anything else you would like to add....? Teachers, directors of education, teacher instructors who work in the field of special education in the Eastern province are very much willing to improve the quality of their profession. Therefore, we ... Special education professionals in the Eastern province are very much willing to develop their professions. They are willing to get to know new trends, exchange experiences with others from different countries, regions and places... we already do that. Our field needs constant supervision and appreciation from the society. And I often look after and appreciate the officers who serve under my supervision. We are not doing this solely as a job. When serving the children with special needs in the province, I am getting an enormous support and guidance from the provincial director of education, additional director of education, secretary of education and the governor. And the director of Non-Formal and Special Education and the staff give us a great deal of attention and support. I would like to mention it with gratitude. When I travel within the province I get to meet parents, teachers and principals. They are very much willing to help these children. I often see this quality in this province. So I always try my best to respond to it as fast as possible. Educational support is not the only thing we should be giving the children with special needs. Their future life has to be built. Their future vocation ... we have to ensure their survival. For that purpose we have to get various individuals, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations involved. I seek to operate in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations in this province. It is our responsibility to accept that a child with special needs is going to enter the society as an adult in the future. We do not expect to keep the child confined within the special education unit, forever as a special creature. We have to create a favourable environment through which they can enter the society as a complete adult. That is our responsibility. When parents come to the special education unit carrying their child, they often think 'how will my child survive in this society when I am no more?' Parents hand over the child to that society. School is the first institution. The school has to provide the support the child needs, and send him/her to the society gradually. This should be done with utmost responsibility The field of education has various educational problems. And there are several problems peculiar to the field of special education. We have to resolve these problems systematically. In doing so... teachers not doing their job, the attitudes of the teachers, other material problems, financial issues... we have to take them as yet another issue in the field of education. There is no need see them as something unique to us. Therefore, getting the teachers appointed, providing teacher training, providing other material and financial resources... these things should be done when the policy decisions are taken. If someone is a child with special needs, or an official working in the field of special education we do not have to cultivate a mindset that always seeks help. When we take policy decisions, it has to be seen as another section of the educational system. Let me tell you. When we say "special education" most people think this is a helpless field. And that the professionals in this field are seen as helpless people. In fact there is no need to go around asking for help. We have to see this as yet another subject in the field of regular education. [inaudible] We can do it again if needed..... Shall I do it again? No issue?

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Dharmasiri 3

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