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Mark on NSV

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So... My current mission is to attract capital cognitive and financial to the maker movement into the innovation in --- system that I have seen just evolved over the last 5 years or so. And I'm really exited about Network Society Ventures on a bunch of different levels. One is...we are focused on Exponential Technologies. So these are technologies that we know have exponential curves associated with them: for functionality, for praise, for access. In different, actually sometimes very different domains. But there are at least six of these that are very important. On top of that we are not just looking in those particular segments. We are also been saying: “What are the Network Effects? How is the Network Society that these technologies are being introduced into, going to help creating competitive advantage for these particular companies?” You combine these two things, and you now you have an unique investment hypothesis that... I'm not aware about anybody else that actually focus on that. I've been told maybe two...maybe three others. But what I'm pretty confident none of them are doing specifically the early stage piece, that we are interested in doing. Whether we put 100.000$ bets, 500.000$ bets, we wanna quantitatively create a pipeline of hundreds of startups that we are doing at a very early stage investing. And the reason I think this is important is that at the moment the wind of opportunity for harboring startups is the widest is ever been in human history. And we are going to see a plethora of amazing startups happen. Rather than trying to identify the 10 or the 15 or the 20 biggest winners, I think the right play right now is to take a lot of small bets on people doing very interesting things. Through the an exponential technology, as in you're gonna be impacted through a network effect of some kind. Those three basic components... I think they're gonna create a phenomenal competitive advantage for Network Society Ventures, as well creating them amazing opportunities for our investors. (David) That is great and we covered the three segments that I wanted. Is there something that you wanted to get across? Is there part of the message that you were thinking about as you... thinking about this recording that I didn't ask you? Yeah. So I mean, let me know, easy or not. (David) Well, of course then. So... (David) All of this will end up on... End up on the cam, yeah. It's remarkable what I've learn in the last decade is that the largest opportunities that we have today, the largest uncapped resource on the planet: it's not solar, it's not natural gas... you know, it's not those things we are normally think of. Now those are important. But the real opportunity is the cognitive surplus of entrepreneurs and creative people around the globe. And they essentially have been constrained by not having access to knowledge, not having access to markets, not having access to capital. And now that we reduced those barriers, sometimes by two to lowers magnitude, we have now created a place for basically anybody in the middle class on a global basis has an opportunity to innovate. And that is massive. That is the biggest opportunity. So putting the tools, whether it's cognitive capitals or marketing or knowledge, community knowledge, into the hands of these people at very early stages, giving them an opportunity to try, is I believe one of the most important things we can be doing as a society.

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Mark on NSV

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