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Basak Taner - Istanbul, Turkey (Global Lives Project, 2013) Life Story Interview Part 3

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The school year has ended and my mom went through the operation. I guess if that had happened when I was going to the school, it would have seriously affected my performance. I couldn't have thought of studying when my mom was in that condition. Because her operation coincided with the holidays, I wasn't affected much. When I returned to school, my mother had recovered already. How was your life at school? My life at school was a lot of fun because I was a part of a great group of friends. I still see some of my friends from junior high. We spend time together. Those were fun and beautiful days. Those were the days when we loved and protected each other. Even if one of us was missing that day, we would wait for the first break and give her a call. There weren't any cell phones back then so we had to use the phone booth at the school. Whoever had the phone card would let us use it so that we could call our friend and ask why she wasn't present. A few of our very close friends lost their fathers. We tried to get together in those times and try console them. We were like a big family. We would support each other through good and bad days. That's why I was very lucky during my high school years. Thinking of those days makes me smile. We had based our friendship on such a strong foundation that we are still in each other's lives. Now everyone is married, some had kids. We get together and still feel like those bunch of 13,14 year olds . What kind of a value has your daughter added into your life? What kind of a value? I became stronger after having my daughter. She became a very strong reason why I need to exist. I don't have the luxury to feel weak, I don't have the luxury to feel helpless when I am with her. At least for now, she depends only on me. And I will set an example to her in her entire life. That's why she made me stronger. Other than that she is a part of me and I see myself when I look at her. It is so hard to explain those feelings. She makes me so happy. She is my joy. She is the meaning of my life. I have a one last question for you. Are you a believer? What do you think about God? Of course, I am a strong believer. I believe in God. I believe I carry a part of God in me. I must say that I am not enthusiastic about religion. I believe that God exists but I question the very core of religions. The faith I have inside of me is very strong and this belief gives me strength through hard times. I feel like God is with me and I get my strength from him. My spirituality is very strong in that sense. I am a strong believer but I don't judge the people who don't believe in anything. I just think they must have been feeling a huge emptiness within themselves. Because God and faith are very important in my life. I believe everything has a creator and that there really is a maker. Because there is a flawless order and if you take a look at a human being you can see he is a perfect machine. The communication of organs is extraordinary. I experienced this while I was giving birth. You become pregnant. Something starts growing in you. Some of your organs adjust themselves to this new being in your body but that doesn't cut you off from life. You have the power of giving natural birth. You bring that baby into life as a whole human being. She starts off with a tiny heart beat then her organs develop, her arms and legs get longer. This is the very proof that God exists. Human creation is a miracle. I feel sad for the ones who don't believe in God. I really feel sad. You can be a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim. That doesn't matter, It is all the same for me, everyone is equal. I think believing in God is the most important aspect here. Religion is not important I say "Amin" after a prayer the other one says "Amen". This doesn't matter. What is important is that you feel God in your heart. We came from God and I think we will return to him one day. This is what I think about God. How do you define God? How does he treat you? How does God treat me? I love God so much. He is inside me. I feel like he loves me as well because I am a part of him. I strengthen my bond by believing in God. How do I define him? He is the power, he spread himself in each and every one of us all over the world, the main source is in somewhere else but we don't know where. Main source is in somewhere else but he placed a part of himself in every human being. He made us come alive in these bodies. Maybe he is watching himself through us. He is watching to see whether we are doing good or bad, if we are on the right path or on the wrong one. Maybe he tests how much we believe in him and I believe we are in that kind of a journey.

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Producer: Mutlu Vrysopoulos
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Posted by: globallives on Aug 19, 2014

"This is an interview with Basak Taner, a pharmaceutical delivery person in Istanbul, Turkey. Produced by Mutlu Vrysopoulos, Onur Aldogan, Huseyin Kok, Orhan Caliskan, Mert Aldogan, Semih Gur, Suphi Uzun and Muhammed Genc, this video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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