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REJECTED VIDEOS! by smosh (Closed Captions)

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-Why is it so quiet? -Shut up! [video game sounds] -Teleporting Fat Guy, is that you? -It sure is! -How'd you get so skinny? -Duh, the only way anybody gets skinny: I scarf and barf! -Rejected! -Check it out, dude. I just got this sweet episode of Pokemon that apparently gave a bunch of kids seizures. -I don't know. -Come on man, let's watch it. It'll be hilarious. [groaning] -Rejected! -[sighs] -Pee fight! -Oh God, dude! [screaming] -Rejected! -Dear Santa, I'm sorry about killing that hooker. I swear I'm a good boy. -Sorry dawg, s--t happens. -Santa! Will I still get a good present this year? -It depends. You got the naked pictures for me? -What? -Will you have my milk and cookies? -Sure. -A'ight then, later. -Peace, player. -White people. -Rejected! -Yeah, but imagine how stupid it'd be if religions were actually realistic. -Rejected! -Dude, there's no way you're gonna win the big stick contest. I have the biggest stick ever. -We'll see about that! -Oh God, dude, what the-- -I told you I'd win the biggest d--k contest. -No, dude, biggest stick. -Oh. Well, I'm just gonna-- -Oh, God! -Rejected. -I never knew you'd like water so much, Thomas. What's that? You want the Brave Little Toaster to join us? Okay! -Rejected! -Okay, so you guys know how we're trying to come up with a name for our quilting club? Well, the perfect name hit me. The Krazy Kwilting Klub! I made it all K's, 'cause I thought it was kinda cute. -Yeah, I think I'm gonna sit this one out. -Okay. So what did you come up with since our last meeting? -I made... a scary ghost costume! -That's racist! -No, you idiot. It rhymes with duck, but it starts with an F. -Fuduck? -Oh, my God, I just wanna punch my fist in your-- -Rejected! -But officer, you don't understand. Timmy has a disorder causing him to have a very limited vocabulary. -Let's see what we can do. -Timmy, you were the last person to see Wendy. Tell the nice police officer where she is. -Balls, balls-balls, balls, balls. -Oh, you have to concentrate. This is really important. -B-balls! -What the hell happened to him? -Timmy was molested by a gang of balls. -My God! That's the second one this week. -Reje--[mumbles] -Poopy the Snowman, falalalalalala -Oh man, he melted. [squish!] -Rejected!!! -We never made those videos. You just made those up. -Did I? [dramatic music plays] -[screaming] -Regis Philbin! -To see more rejected episodes and bloopers, click the link in the description below! Please click the subscribe button! No, you're not-- you're not going to click it? Oh, then okay... -Rejected! Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 4 minutes and 6 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: smosh
Director: smosh
Views: 1,279
Posted by: spongesebastian on Sep 12, 2011

Originally uploaded by smosh. I added closed captions so that the video
can be enjoyed by deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers. To turn them on,
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