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Open Money: Part 6

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Part 6: Monies of relationtip We are so used to thinking of money as stuff. I got it, I spend it, it's gone. It comes, it goes. It is stuff. We think of it as a commodity, as a fluid in our bucket or our barrel, as a stack of bills in the corner, stuff. So even in community currencies, even in the creation of these localized networks, we got to be aware of the distinction between money that thinks it's stuff, money that's value is locked into one particular provider, one provider who has the status to issue money, and upon whom we become dependent. verses, that we have many issuers, we have a free float of money around all these players. And it is not tied to one, and it is not stuff. It's relationship, it's measure. When we start looking at how the accounts move in a mutual credit, our tendency is to still think: "oh this is just stuff". Because when I spend 500 with you, you go up 500, I go down 500. We move 500 stuff between us. Well in a superficial level you could say: "yes we moved 500" but, it's far more valuable to recognize that all that happened was we changed our relative position. I used to be high in the system. I spent 500 hundred. It moved me low but it moved you up. We changed position. We adjusted our relationship. We saw ourselves differently, and we're seen differently in the community. Did we move any thing, was the a money a thing? No, the money is just a measure. So these monies, the value lies in the network, the value lies in the persons who use it, and there intention to remain credible in there communities. And if we look to accounting and measuring our relative relationships, and letting them progress, We'll find that there are infinitive opportunities, and a lot to be gained.

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Posted by: alanrosenblith on Dec 23, 2009

Monies of Relationship

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