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Without a doubt, Apple is the leading company in technology today But soon, steve jobs and his engenieers are going to suprise even the most dedicated apple fans After the iphone, the ipod and the ipad, arives the Iboy Nimordi, we have something to tell you.... Mom and dad are going to bring you a new brother! But you are not even fat! He is not coming from mom... will he come with the duck? No, no silly... From GOD? Almost.... from HIM! AFTER NINE MONTH Honey? yes! he is here! So… should I open it? YES! It is PERFECT ... Oh, it's good we ordered the white version Your brother, your litle brother Why is it in english? wait a second, I'll change it to hebrew... No no no... i know there is a hebrew version! Mom, dad, I'm your new Iboy!! Nimrodi, you don't touch his head... O.K son? Daddy, you said you will play with me!!! Not now son, I'm playing with the Iboy, OK? But you promised! OK, OK, bring me the ball Go get it! go get it! No! I lost! no!!!! It's OK, lets play another one Hi honey Look what I brought you.... wow! It's perfect for him, he looks so handsome! You must listen to our boy sing, he has an amazing talent Aah… no no no... nimrodi, we have guests here You can start Iboy Nimrodi, why don't you eat the tomato? I don't want too... I don't like vegetables Tomato is a fruit, and it has a great nutritional value See? it's not even a vegetable... now finish your plate I hate you "I hate you" Stop it, nagger! "Stop it, nagger!" Stop repeating after me "Stop repeating after me" Mom!…. "mom!"... Stop it nimrod! we are busy here! Why can't you just sit quietly and eat your food like your brother? Good night my Iboy Let me sleep! shut up! Stop it! No no no, you have to come all the way here And "slide" Here you go Mom! mom! She can't hear you... - mom! Mom! mom! mom! What happened son? Nimrodi, he disconnected me from the charger No no, that's not true! he is lying! It is true! look for yourself! My poor baby! And you! just wait for your father to come back from work! You are so sweet! so sweet! What would i do without you? Are you ready? Iboy 2 Look at him, just look at him! He is perfect And much thinner! Give mommy a hug, give her a hug That's how it is...

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Duration: 5 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Producer: israel chanel 2
Views: 903
Posted by: liorgr on Apr 8, 2011

israeli parody of Idevices

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