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The Descendants (2011)

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[knocking] Sorry to bother you. Matt King. I've come to pick up my daughter, Alexandra. ♪[light guitar] (Matt) Alex! (Alexandra) Dad? (laughing) What's up Dad? What's happenin'? (Matt) You need to come home and see your mom. (Matt, narrating) I'm the backup parent. The understudy. (Matt) I thought you were supposed to be getting your act together? (Alexandra) I've been doing really well, actually. Nobody ever seems to notice that. (Matt, narrating) With Elizabeth, my wife, in a hospital, my daughters are testing me. (daughter) Look who's here? (daughter 2) Get out of my underwear, you freak! (Matt) Okay, back inside. Now! Real good job you're doing. (Matt) We have to go through this thing together. You, and Scotty, and me. Dad, this is Sid. He's going to be with me. I'll be a lot more civil with him around. (Sid) What's up, bro? Don't ever do that to me again. I have to go around and tell people what's happening. Family and a few close friends. I don't want to talk about Mom with anyone. Look, whatever you two fought about, you have to drop it. Grow up. You really don't have a clue, do you? Dad, Mom was cheating on you. [music becomes more upbeat, mixed with footsteps] [goat bleats] Who is he? I'd to know who the guy is that my wife was s--seeing. Now what you've been going through - that's a tough deal. Just trying to keep my head above water. I'm gonna hit you. [thunder] How often do old people just haul off and cold cock you like that? [Captions by]

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