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Speech by Wall Street protester

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My wages didn’t go up, but prices went up! Gas goes up. Milk goes up. Trains go up. How am i supposed to live? And this is all because our government prints too much money, starts too many wars, so they can sell their tanks, their guns, their missiles. Cause that's all America exports: It's guns, missiles and tanks. That's it. We need to bring production back to America. End the Federal Reserve! End the fractional banking system! When you invest a hundred dollars in a bank they multiply that by nine, and they send it out 9 different ways. They don't just make money on the initial investment, they make it 9 times the initial investment. That's fake money, that they printed out of thin air. Fiat money, it's a fiat currency. 1913 this country died, when we adopted the central bank, and we got rid of sound money. We used to be able in 1913 to walk into a bank and redeem our dollars with gold. Can we do that anymore? No! What is the price of gold now? Almost 2000$, it going up 600$ an ounce this year. And its gonna keep rising as long as we have bailout, as long as we have quantitative easing, as long as our governement keep spending our money. Every dollar that the governement takes in federal taxation is another dollar that they spend. Every time they spend money, thats your money that they send overseas, they bailout Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. When I fuck up, who bails me out? No one. Why should Goldman Sachs been bailed out? 700 billions dollars in '08, and they want more now? They want more? that wasn't enough? They're gonna trade. There is not gonna be a middle class in 10 years. End the federal reserve, end the fractional banking system! Elect Ron Paul! End the wars! Sound money. Stop with the banksters printing money, printing and debasing our currency, climbing up our prices. We dont need anymore money in our economy. We got plenty in debt. End the Fed! End the fractional reserve system! End the wars! Get corporations out of our politics! Wall Street is rigged! When Wall Street owns a majority of the wealth, and they invest in Wall Street, they know when the markets gonna go up, they know when the markets gonna go down. And they all make money, while we all lose money. How is that fair? And then, after billions... trillions of derivatives, they want bailouts! They have the balls to ask us for bailout! No more bailout! No more printing up money! No more quantitative easing! End the Federal Reserve! End the fractional banking system! Sound money! Go back to a gold standard! The depression will be nothing compared to 1913, when it hits us... 1930, when the deppression came, will be nothing like it will be in the coming years. If we lose America, we will have nowhere else to run for freedom. There is no country left that promotes free markets, corporations not in politics. There is no country that has their own sound currency. There is nowhere left to run! If we lose America, we lose the world to the elite. The 1% will continue to get rich as we all live like slaves. If you think the way of life is bad now, you will all be living in projects like Hooverville. We can not continue to print money! We can not continue to debase our currency! We need to end the Federal Reserve. We need to get lobbyist, Goldman Sachs, George Soros, Merril Lynch, everyone out of our politics! Why should they be allowed to throw millions at politicians so they do what we want? They're supposed to be our voice, not their voice. States Rights, when you minimise governement, it is easier to control by the people. States Rights, you need to give the rights back to the states, minimise these governement agencies like Fannie May and Freddy Mac. Fannie May and Freddy Mac loan down money that private bankers would not loan out. People they would not trust, the governement loaned money. That's ridiculous, they took money out of all of your pockets, instead of buying that car you wanted, those shoes you wanted, they put it toward a bridge in Iowa. Why don't we pay a state tax and New York state helps New York state? Now we pay a federal tax to police our border. That's the only thing the governement, the federal government, is here for: To keep our borders safe, everything else should be on the state level. If you don't like the policy in one state, you go on another state. Because that's how America was set up! America was not supposed to be uniform in policy. Each state was supposed to reflect the views and positions of everyone in that state. It is much easier to influence governers and mayors, than presidents and vice-presidents. End the federal reserve, end the fractionnal banking system. Stop with the military industrial complex! These wars, we have our own problems. We don't need to be in the middle east. We don't need to invade a new country every year to sell more weapons. The only thing that says "made in america" are guns, missles, and tanks. Don't forget that, bring production back to america. "We don't have any beef with the people around the world! It's not 'us and them', nationalism, we don't have beefs with the people around the world! We support people around the world who are in struggle with us! It's not the U.S. versus them. That's not the kind of politics that's gonna move this forward." "We have our own problems!" "Does anyone want to protest police brutality? We are taking a walk around the block..." "...The insane trade policies. That's what's gonna make the difference. That would stop the rest of this stuff." What do you think?

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Posted by: granodearenal on Oct 9, 2011

Protester speaking out at Wall Street protests. September 30th, 2011.

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