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Won't Back Down (2012)

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[bell ringing] (mom - Jamie) We're late! We're late! Go! Go! Go! (girl) The school doesn't care. (Jamie) I care. (girl) S-st- [class giggles] (teacher) Try it again. I can't. (mom Nona) Cody - you can do it. Come on. (Cody) I don't get it, Mom. (Jamie) I can't wait, with 10,000 studies about how being poor affects education. I can tell you being poor sucks, and my kid can't read. What happened? Where is she? (teacher) Excuse me. Malia! (teacher) I punished her because she does not follow rules. (Jamie) Are you insane! (Jamie) I'm gonna get you out of there. (man) We are taking back our schools. Go out there and fight for something better. (woman) You have to find a teacher who has the same ideas you do. (Nona) We're gonna try something new. We're going to work a little harder. Me included. (Jamie) You wanna take over this school with me? You think that's dumb. I think it's a knockout. (woman) There's drugs, there's gangs... (Nona) You change the school, you change the neighborhood. You really think you could turn this around? (Nona) I can't say for certain... (Jamie) 100% Yes. (Jamie) I'm trying to explain to you why your kid's tanking! (mother) Go sell it to some other jerk. (man) So you're the one out there leading the charge? (Jamie) I saw you teach. You're really good at it. Yeah. Maybe. (parent) What qualifies you to run a school? (principal) If you are on campus, you will be arrested. I admire your ideals, but Malia will suffer for them. Don't use my daughter to scare me. The petition will be denied. ♪ Think you got the best of me ♪ All out war, is how we gotta look at it. Under attack, we attack. It's a feeding frenzy. District offices all over the state are getting slammed with calls. This is not good. (Jamie) We gotta be the change we want to see! ♪ (What doesn't kill you) makes you stronger, stand a little taller ♪ Watching you reminded me of something I've been missing. (Nona) My mom used to say, "What are you gonna do with your one and only life". (Nona) Dare to read, speak and write... Dare to think. (Jamie) Have you heard about those mothers that lift one ton trucks off their babies? They're nothing compared to me. ♪ ...stronger, stand a little taller ♪ [Captions by]

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