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Final parental control

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(Gun shots) (Music) (Coughing) (Doorbell) Ahhhhhh! Whats good Mr.C! My home boy! My G PHILLAAAA!!! Come on man! Whats up! I got it! I got it! NOOOO!!!! Lets go man! My dad doesn't let me play this Why not? Just wait ya, your right Ummm We're just ganna be playing... Ya, some race car game Seriously man, no just chill man Hes like on my nerves every second Man, wow what a dad Get yourself a controller So this game, its suppose to have lots of blood and stuff but keep it down Because if my dad hears Were done! GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHH!!!!!! YEA!!! YEA! YES! YES WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Your coming with me! DAD! DAD! DAD! PHIL PHHHHIIIILLL!!!! PHILA!!! Stop! DAD! DAD! DAD! NO! DAD! DAD! PLEASE NO! Don't do this dad! Please PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! DAD! DAD! DAD! It was only one match, PLEASE DAD! DAD LET GO LET GO OF THE CONTROLLER OMG! NO NO NO PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE! XBOX! Go to settings. DANG IT! DAD! DAD! PLEASE! How do I disconnect this thing! NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! DAD! DAD! DAD! DAD! DAD! DAD! DAD! DAD! PLEASE DAD! PLEASE! IT WAS ONLY ONE GAME! IT WAS ONLY ONE GAME! DAD LOOK, YOU CAN BELIEVE ME PLEASE PLEASE DAD! DAD! YOU PLAYED THE SAME GAMES WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE I KNOW YOU DID WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE! I KNOW THEY HAD XBOX WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE I KNOW THEY DID DAD!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! OMG! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! OMG!!!!!!! OOOMMMMMGGGG!!!!!! DAD! DAD NO! HES ACTUALLY DOING IT! NO PLEASE! DON'T SETUP PARENTAL CONTROL NO NO NO WHERE ARE YOU GOING! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? AGE 5! AGE 5! THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE

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Posted by: avragepro on Oct 2, 2015

Final parental control

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