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2_Florence Nightingale - Mini Biography

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Florence Nightingale was a pioneer of public health and the founder of modern nursing. Because of Florence Nightingale nursing is one of the most regulated and respected professions in the world. Named after her city of birth, Florence, Italy Florence Nightingale was born on May 12th, 1820 in to a upper class British family. As woman of her time and her class Even if it was expected that she will marry, maintain a lovely home, and be a hostess. But Florence Nightingale had very different plans though at the time nursing was not a respected profession, Nightingale felt very called to become a nurse. At age 24, Nightingale defied her parent's expectations to marry a suitable match and left England to study at the Kiaserswerth hospital in Dusseldorf, Germany. When she returned from Germany, she took a job as a nurse at hospital in London, and she was eventually promoted after only a year, to be head of nursing there. She improved sanitary conditions, so much that she cornered reputation as a reformer and as an advocate for public health. During the Crimean war, the British press made public the horrendous conditions of the wounded soldiers in Turkey. The army turned to Florence Nightingale for help. Sidney Herbert, secretary war ***** Nightingale. When Nightingale and her band of nurses arrived at Scutari, the hospital in the Crimea they were shocked whatever they found. ************* Patients relying in their ****. More soldiers were dying from infections than there from wounds sustained on the battlefield. Many other reforms that Florence Nightingale instituted were quite revolutionary Nightingale insisted that there be fresh air, and water for all the soldiers, that reciprocating soldiers receive healthy food to eat to help make them better and that all of the bandages and sheets and blankets were adequately laundered each day By the time she was done, Florence Nightingale had succeeded in reducing the death rate within these military hospitals by two-thirds. Known as the 'Angel of the Crimea' Nightingale returned to England and received a hero’s welcome, a medal from Queen Victoria, and a gift of two hundred fifty thousand dollars. She devoted the rest of her life to affecting change in medical care. In 1860, Florence Nightingale founded a St. Thomas Hospital, in London, the Nightingale Training School for Nurses. She was a pioneer in the use of cutting edge, statistical methods of the time. To design hospitals and medical systems to maximize the health of the community at large. This really helped her to make her message known to the parliamentarians and government agencies who would make important decisions about hospitals and health care. In her later years, Nightingale was officially honored by Germany France, Norway, and numerous prestigious British societies. She died at her London home, on August 13th 1910. The fact that we have a nursing profession today, is in large part thanks to the work of Florence Nightingale.

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2_Florence Nightingale - Mini Biography

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