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RDF TV - The Unconsidered Life - A.C. Grayling

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One very very important moment in the history of philosophy is when Socrates said: "The unconsidered life is not worth living." It seems like a very dramatic claim in a way, what he meant was that if you don't reflect on your life If you don't consider it, if you don't choose the values that you're going to live by then, you're going to live according to somebody else's choices You're going to be like a football that they're kicking around. Because you're not.., you haven't chosen something and directed your life towards those goals There's a very very big difference between having data, information.., And turning that into knowledge, and something that you can make use of. And there's a yet further step beyond knowledge which is understanding It's having good insights into what really matters. Now, all of this involves having to think clearly, think critically... You equip yourself with information about the world to be literate across the whole range And specially, to be scientifically literate Because in this world of ours now, to be an informed participant in the great conversation of mankind, is to have an alert awareness and understanding of whats happening in the world. So to be a good citizen of the world, to be a person who recognizes that somethings are valuable and to pursue those things, demands being critically reflective. To think about your ethics, to think about the world, to be well-informed To challenge always yourself and other people when they make claims or when you feel moved to make certain claims about the world And i think once consequence of this is: That people should think critically and deeply about, for example, of the claims of religion. You know, is that the source of value in the world? Or, is it our humanity? and our connection with other human beings? So across a whole range, this simple demand is: To be critical, to be reflective, to think for oneself Bertrand Russell once famously said: "Most people would rather die thank think, and most people do!" And one doesn't wanna be one of them!

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Philosopher and author AC Grayling on thinking critically and being a well-informed citizen of the world.

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