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The Young Shaman Perspective Part 5/5

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The aura contains all the information that one has accumulated mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually during one's life. But since it's made up of pure energy only a very small amount of people in the world is able to see it. However, there are much more people who have experienced that if they surrender to a feeling of unconditional love it seems to activate something around them which they can not see but they can certainly feel it. Nearly all the cultivation practices in the world different forms of meditation, yoga, qi-gong they all emphasize how important the breath is. It all starts with a conscious breathing pattern, or Pranic breathing. By imagining a breathing tube that connects the alpha with the omega point and by consciously breathing Prana or Ether into the heart from both directions simultaneously, our energy field will begin to expand. At the beginning of the last century a famous Russian geochemist and a French priest and paleontologist reintroduced Plato's idea of a consciousness grid around the earth. In short, the theory says that if mankind is in the evolutionary process of collectively attaining a higher consciousness then so would do universe's matter undergo involution or in-formation to eventually reach a state of maximum organized complexity. In other words: the interiorization of our psyche also transforms the Ether. Despite having grown further and further away from the ideas of the ancient world in a relatively very short amount of time by doing so the Western world has in fact crystalized ancient knowledge through the compulsive materialization of information. Just like with any exponential growth or binary sequence if we look at it on a graph we will notice that something which is growing will first appear to move steadily along the horizontal timeline. But then after a relatively long period all of a sudden it will begin to move more vertically faster and faster. Until it turns into an almost completely straight vertical line. Consequently, time would also appear to move vertically. Or in other words: time virtually stops moving. The end of time. More and more people are starting to believe that this point is now nearing for our planet, that has also been born from the binary sequence and is in an evolutionary process. And this could mean the end of spacetime and the beginning of timespace. A state of consciousness in which time is no longer a component of space but instead space becomes a component of time. Like in a dream. Cultivation practices will teach that if one learns to breathe vertically through the imaginary breathing tube one would be able to experience simultaneous time. Through his conscious connection with the alpha and the omega point: the two polar energies of creation, and by letting the information of the Ether flow through his body from both directions towards his heart, he will begin to enter into the fourth dimension.

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Duration: 12 minutes and 51 seconds
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Producer: Rubin van Kooyk
Director: Rubin van Kooyk
Views: 283
Posted by: bookwroteitself on Aug 17, 2011

Multi-layered collage of found footage.
Story written & narrated by Rubin van Kooyk.
This video was part of my graduation work.

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