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Take Your Coaching to the Next Level_Final

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>> This is the start of an exciting adventure that will take you to places in your coaching practice and in your personal growth that you may have never dreamed to be possible. Take a moment right now to pat yourself on the back for making the decision to be here today and for committing to this program and to your coaching business. Your commitment will take you to wonderful places. Each of you are ready to take your coaching practice to the next level. The first step of this journey is to show up. And look, here you are. The lectures and skill-building activities in this course will help you build your confidence as a coach as you gain new skills and ways of thinking about your work and your clients. The Education Team and I are so excited to guide you through this process. Some of you maybe novice coaches, while some of you may have been coaching for decades but you're looking to brush up your skills. One thing I can promise all of you is that wherever you are in your career as a coach, there is so much for you to gain from this course. Regardless of whether you feel nervous, doubt your abilities as a coach, or have fears around coaching, you are ready at this very moment to elevate your practice to the next level. In fact, it's completely normal to have reservations and doubts as you approach this next step. I can guarantee that these feelings will come up for you at points throughout the course but do not let them deter you, rather think of them as signals as your emerging growth. You'll get out of this course when you put into it. With your best efforts, I know you can and will succeed. You have the support of the Education Team and your classmates. Together, we'll work to bring the most highly skilled and sensitive Health Coaches into the workforce to help others. So congratulate yourselves today for showing up, one of those great Health Coaches is you. So what exactly makes a great coach? It's not just about memorizing a bunch of skills and theories though knowledge is a part of it, it's only one piece of the equation. What do you think are the qualities that make for a great coach? Pause the video for one minute, grab a piece of paper and jot down your ideas. Go ahead, I promise I'm not going anywhere. You'll be prompted to stop and journal your thoughts like this throughout the course. So it's a good habit to keep a pen and paper handy when viewing the videos. All right, hit pause now and record your thoughts. Great. So now let's talk about what makes a great coach. See how your thoughts stack up against the key points in this lecture and share your ideas in the Facebook group afterwards. One of the greatest qualities of a coach is self-awareness. Your beliefs shape the way you perceive and deal with your clients. Knowing what it is that you bring to the table opens the doors to clearing out your own clutter. From this space, you can be fully present and unbiased. Next, great coaches don't play small. Fears and self-doubt can easily get in the way of your coaching practice if you let them. Learn how to identify and overcome your fears and doubts, so your practice can be as big as your dreams. Another point I want to make is that any coach can learn and memorize techniques and skills, but a great coach understands how and when to apply those coaching skills. Another quality of a successful coach is authenticity. Being yourself is what makes you standout. Clients can and will pick up on if you're being fake or holding back. If I could drive home only one point in this course, it's this. You already have everything you need to be a great coach, you just need to tap into it and trust it with confidence. This course will teach you everything you need to know to tap into your ability, to become a great coach. You'll learn how to build warm relationships, listen deeply, create space and embrace silence, and how to ask the right kinds of questions. You'll able to inspire and support behavioral change, guide the creation of successful action plans, hold clients responsible and accountable through every step of the process, and empower your clients to do and be their very best. By the end of this course, you'll integrate the philosophies of best practice to truly understand your clients, and you'll be able to work without the interference of your own bias and belief system. During the course, you'll apply what you're learning by practicing theories in real life scenarios and through participation in self-reflection exercises. You'll be empowered to overcome your personal limitations and the fears that hold you back in your coaching. Finally, remember, how we talked about how incredible and unique you are. This course will enable you to personalize your coaching practice and style by applying the concept of bio-individuality to your signature program. You can expect to get the following benefits out of this course. Personal growth, expertise in coaching skills, a clear vision of your coaching business, confidence in your coaching through intensive practice, and a support system of dedicated skillful coaches. So to recap what we've just discussed, we'll teach you everything you need to know in this course to become a great coach. You're going to take your practice to the next level. We have no doubt that if you put in the practice and put in the work, you will succeed in your business and excel in your own personal growth. This exciting journey to the next level begins right here, right now, today. You are so ready and I know that you're so capable of achieving great things. So what are we waiting for? Let's get started.

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Take Your Coaching to the Next Level_Final

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